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Steroid protocol for MS?

Bill or Brock, is there a steroid protocol you could recommend for a person with mild MS symptoms?

I’m afraid that I really don’t have the
information to give a good answer. A few
years ago, a very bright Internet acquaintance
(I no longer have his e-mail address) who had MS corresponded with me with questions
and his literature findings and his speculations, and while it seemed that
maybe there might be some promise, overall
everything involving androgens and MS seemed
more unknown than known. He tried dabbling
around a little with his own ideas but did
not feel he found anything helpful, besides
the same sort of help everyone gets from
androgens. Ultimately,
I’m sure androgens are no cure for MS, but
it can’t be ruled out that maybe some program
might be of some help. I wish I had some
answers on that but I really don’t. It does
not seem though that androgens will really
fix the problems or even directly address them.

If you’re talking about a steroid protocol
for pro-athletic purposes, not for treatment
of the MS, then I don’t know why it would
be different for a person with MS than for
one without, but that’s not an authoritative
opinion, it just expresses my lack of knowledge
of any reason why not.