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Steroid Newbie


I'm completely new to this forum, but not to bodybuilding/power lifting. From what I have read thus far on this topic is that most of the people here do not believe that steroids should be used with out sufficient knowledge, having already grown out of you peak years of naturally high output of testosterone, and lastly that your have years of training under your belt.

Well not to digress but I first considered using a little over a year ago, and decided against them due to certain consequences faced. Now a year later I have done quite a bit more research in books and online and have decided that I am ready to take the plunge.

Of the three main suggestions that I have seen before deciding to use I'm really only short on one, that being I'm only 20 years old. I have been seriously training for almost seven years now and have come to meet certain plateaus that I feel are really only breaking by using AAS.

As far as stats are concerned I'm 5' 9 and 200lbs with 9% bf the last time it was measured.
Bench Press - 315
Squat - 370 (a lil low due to injury)
Clean - 270

I'm really not worried that much with how much I gain in the weight room as much as I would just like to gain a sold 15-20lbs of clean muscle. I am considering doing a cycle of Test prop/D-Bol/Proviron and Nolv for PCT. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Take advice from an old timer, first you are too young yet. Do you ever get a complete blood profile done? Do you know what will happen to your body if you test levels are too high. You got good stats, train with that, maybe do a natural show. And I would never recomend more than 250mg of test for your first time.


Oh I'm not looking to get into shows or anything like that. My goals are more geared towards sports. So if I get a blood profile done what type of numbers will I be looking for?