Steroid Newbie Thread (Help Build It Vets!)

Okay, I’m getting lots of PM’s from people asking the same questions over and over again so I thought maybe we could make a nice informative thread to refer people to.

You know very little about Steroids

Step 1:
Go to Home and scroll through the FAQ section. There are links to articles on just about everything you need to know about juicin’.

Step 2:
Read Cy’s columns, you may also want to read Strasseroids as well. Use the search engine and read some of the 500 threads related to the simple question you’re about to ask!

Step 3:
Don’t PM people asking where to get steroids (or “Steroid Tablets”). For all we know you’re a cop or a high-school kid - and besides, this is pure fantasy role play for many of us. If you followed Step 1, you wouldn’t need to ask this.

Step 4:
Figure out your own cycle. Don’t expect people to do all the work for you. Once you have it figured out and show a basic level of understanding people will be happy to help – at least if you aren’t asking the same damn question for the 1000th time (see Step 2.)

Finally, don’t start a cycle unless you have everything you need to finish and recover… And for the love of God, unless you’re into shopping for bra’s: don’t start any cycle without some sort of Anti-E’s on hand!

I’m glad you brought this up. First of all, what is the acronym “PM?” But I digress…

Frankly, I have used the search engine here, and rarely does the search take me to a comprehensive article where the info is explained definitively.

But alas, I happened, quite by accident, to come upon a series of 8 or 9 Bill Roberts articles on mesomorphosis that explained so much to me. Now, his info may not be all correct (I dunno) but it sure 'splained alot.

Therefore, my suggestions is to refer newbies to a one-stop, comprehensive, juice 101-type document, THEN when they have a baseline of knowledge, they can graduate to the more complexities (graduate level stuff) addressed on this site.

5)dont start a cycle or even think about one until you have significant experience in the gym and you have your diet and training in order.

you can also find great info over at bill’s site meso rx.

  1. Don’t just do oral if your going to start then do it RIGHT.

southside, that’s a very interesting-sounding one. :slight_smile:


PM=Private Message, see that little PM over to the left and down a little bit?

I recommend starting at the FAQ because if you read those 20 steroid articles, you’ll have a decent start on things and be able to use the search engine more effectively.

I agree there are other sites that are good, but usually when I mention specific sites it gets edited out.

I thought this was things to say to your wife.damn.

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yes, u must swallow.

Please start your own thread, don’t hijack this one.

Thank you.

Hey, I’d definitely rather pound than just receive some oral. I had no problem with the rule.

some people are just

Good idea Warhorse, but some people just don’t get it.

Thanks for this post…very helpful

warning to all newbies. the above is what happens to your brain on steroids : )

The horse is definitly on the right track. I think that reading everything written by bill roberts on is a good idea to get started. Then I would read Cy’s neverending cycle artice, steroids for health, by… well… i forget, when you start to get the hang of what’s going on, go for a little Bacheldor information. The 3 weeks on, 1 week off, 2 weeks on, 4 weeks off cycle article is very infomative. Berardi also wrote a great article about testosterone in general… mostly its endogenous production. I think that EVERYONE should read that article. Horse, if I think of anymore I’ll post. Very good idea with this thread, hopefully it will rid us of some questions should not be asked on the forums.

Bump for the newbies.

I have to bump this one up as well. I spent 26 months researching before doing my first cycle. Most of the time was spent reading, searching, and more reading. Brock and Cy have excellent articles and Bill has even more useful information. I do not know how many times I read then read again “Steroids for Dummies.” Great article and good read.

Bump this post to the fuckin top daily…

before you ask us about your cycle give us your stats, training background, experience level, etc…

give us something to work with.

Thank you Warhorse, this was the number one reason I disappeared for so long.