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Steroid Newbie Cycle


Hey T-Nation, I'm here hoping to get some guidance on my first cycle.

I've recently been given by a friend enough Anavar for an 8 week cycle of 50mg a day and, if you've heard about it, Clenbuterol 150.

Now I know what everyone's thinking; 'here's another jerk that's too afraid to pin'. I'm not - I just don't want to have to pin if it's unnecessary.

I've trawled through the web, read FuriousGeorge's 'Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning' but have found conflicting views on the best way to cycle a stack with the above elements from everything including dosage and PCT. What I'm expressly looking for is given the gear I have, how would you take it; dosage, length, etc, what other compounds would you add to it and what would your PCT look like.

In terms of what further compounds I can get my hands on - I should be able to get Testoviron, Propinoate, Trenbolone Enathate and acetate, Sustanon, Nadro, and in terms of PCT, I can get my hands on Clomid but doubt I can get any Nolvadex.

Hit me with what you would do. How would you structure your cycle and what would you do coming out of it.

Feel free to ask any questions you feel are necessary.

Much thanks!!!