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Steroid Myths and Teenagers


There's a lot of "bro-knowledge" parroted on the correct age to start steroids which have little to no basis in reality.

Myth #1: You are already on a light cycle as anyone under the age of (18-25) has exceptionally high testosterone levels.

The most testosterone any teenager has will be comparable to around 100mg per week, 150mg maximum. I don't see anyone here advocating cycles of 100-150mg per week so why would it be a replacement for using a proper dosage?

As well, not all teenagers have high testosterone. As with any population it is a range. Some will be high some will be low, but yes on average a teenager will have higher testosterone levels than a 30 y/o.

Myth #2: Going on a cycle when you are too young will permanently fuck up your natural testosterone production for the rest of your life.

If anything your HPTA will rebound back faster at a younger age. There is no magical age when negative feedback to your HPTA ceases to be permanent.

Myth #3: Going on a cycle as a teenager will stunt your growth.

Yes, if you are not finished growing, higher amounts of estrogen can cause premature closing of the epiphyseal plates. But, if you take pains to control estrogen when using aromatizing compounds or stick to non-aromatizing steroids you will not have to worry about this side effect.

Myth #4: If you haven't reached your natural limit you are short changing your gains if using steroids early.

What is more motivating? Gaining at a slower rate or faster? You will be more apt to continue progressing if you are good at something right? Why make things necessarily hard. Do you not take supplements or eat properly either so as to halt your progress to make your workouts more intellectually stimulating? Steroids aren't any differant. They are just another tool to improve your physique.

A lot of people's opinions reak of elitism. Why wait till after your 20's when you are past your prime to make your greatest gains?

Girls are taking the birth control pill at the age of 13. The pill is a combination of estrogens and progestins. Are young girls experiencing major health complications from their use? Is testosterone so much more evil than estrogen and progesterone? No, so I don't see why the hypocrasy with steroids used by RESPONSIBLE teenagers.

BTW if anyone cares, I'm 31 and started using at age 30.


What's Up with All the Lying to Kids About Roids?

Responsible teenagers are rare. At times its more of an oxymoron. A jock I know at my local high school is proof. He started turning yellow, he was so responsible with this SD administration. I think responsible is a rather ambiguous term.


So he started developing Jaundice from the SD? He must have been chowing down like 40mg a day, fucking jackass. Or am I missing some type of hidden meaning?


I agree, the odds are greater that someone younger will misuse over someone older.

Young girls can misuse the birth control pill and become pregnant if that is any kind of parallel. Getting pregnant is a pretty serious outcome, probably more so than what can happen with a male teenager using steroids.

Many girls won't take the pill the same time every day, will skip days, or will continue having sex while taking the pill when it was not properly digested due to illness.

If steroid use could be supervised by a physician we wouldn't be having a lot of these problems. A doctor could check liver function, estradiol levels, etc... to ensure safe use. Similar to how doctors prescribe different birth control pills to girls according to their unique physiology.

We do not have the option of doctor supervision so girls have a leg up with respect to hormone use. Maybe our children will have this opportunity in the future, who knows. One can only wish, especially for the older population.


No it was the SD. I don't think it was merely 40mg/day. When I heard of what he was about to do, I tried to approach the kid but I could tell he was one of those, daddy bought me an 08 Super Duty, I only train arms and chest because I'm badass, I only wear XS UnderArmour shirts, I know everything so dont try to tell me otherwise also because I'm badass, kind of kids. So I said fuck him and watched him puree his liver. I believe that your enviornment also plays a huge role. Some teens just don't know what hard work and dedication is, they want everything fast and easy. sorry for the hijack.


Ok so you are saying scientifically someone under the age bracket we usually set can safely use AAS. Thats true. But does it make sense to tell some 18y/o 130lb kid with 3 months of actual training what cycle he should run and tips on the means of getting illegal compounds?

I understand why you are thinking the way you are but it doesnt really make sense. In my opinion HEALTHY ADULT MALES can safely use steroids as a supplement to their workout. Why tell a teenager its safe to use steroids? That would open a whole new door to a bunch of immature teens that will in turn do more damage to themselves than make actual gains.

Age bracket is put on not only for reason of getting enough training under your belt so you can actually benefit from the use of AAS but also to reach a point of maturity. This is so people correctly use AAS. Steroids already have a bad enough name and if everyone thought the way you do then it would be much worse.

I hope this post makes sense I have so much running through my head I could type all day long in response to the OP.



I'm not necessarily advocating teenagers use steroids. After all, these aren't vitamins we're talking about. They are serious drugs. I'm just against dogma and the parroting of information when there is no scientific reasoning behind the claims.

The demonization of steroid use with teenagers on steroid forums isn't much differant than the hated bullshit media coverage espousing roid rage, cancer, and exploding livers.


I believe there's a difference between the media bullshit and true life idiot teenagers, like I've just mentioned, taking AAS or precursors in an ill conceived hope of "gettin' bigger guns" or benching more weight. I believe that at the very least our demonization is based on empirical data not overly hyped controlled, human studies. What exactly constitutes a teen capable of undertaking AAS administration? I've yet to meet one.




I understand your POV man, but lets' face it, the majority of teenagers aren't responsible enough to be using AAS. Hell, most of them should probably stay away from HOT-ROX.

Yes, there are some responsible teenagers who I would say "yeah, go for it" to, but they are few and far between.

I think if a teenager posting proper stats, pics and training routine then maybe we'd be more inclined to help out. And that's the main issue - we simply don't know whether they are telling the truth. If we get photos and stats and so on? Well if they are at the right stage, then I know most guys here would help.


Thank you makavali. I completely agree. I was so worked up over reading this thread I couldnt get everything down.

Both sides are "right" I suppose, but when I see some 18 y/o that has trained for a year and diets mediocre wanting to try AAS.. in the back of my mind i know theres a possibility he can do a simple cycle of test with no problems and bounce back faster than most here because of his age but am i going to tell him that? Hell no. Why would i? He's not ready. Very small handful of teens are.



If they are really "ready" they probably would need very little to no help at all, because they seriously did they homework on the things they need to know


How many teens have the knowldege to make an informed decsion about using AAS? How many have the knowledge to use them appropriately/effectively/safely. I think the vast majority of teens do not fall into this category.


Bottom line is that AAS use is potetially dangerous for EVERYONE. With that being said, its hard to convince a teenager that he is not ready on the basis of safety. Matter of fact, if they have done any kind of study they will know the myths that the OP is speaking of.

At that age, its hard to convice them of anything differently than what they already believe. This fact will make them go out and use AAS anyway.

Its the more experienced user's responsibility to strategically educate teens on the use of AAS and not always take the "You are only 18 and a dumb teen" approach.


So are you saying it is ok for teens to use steroids if they are responsible enough to run a great cycle?


Yes. But responsible also entails having training and diet in order with a decent physique. But to any teens reading this... no, you're not ready. Post pics and stats.


Not necessarily. Knowing about training and diet doesn't mean they'll know about AAS. And it doesn't hurt to post your potential cycle here so people with extensive AAS experience can chime in and offer advice.


The right answer I think is, it depends. I wouldn't advocate a 13 y/o to cycle. Their goals at that time wouldn't require it. They are still learning proper motor coordination and skill development.

Someone like Mega Newb from another thread here has goals he wants to achieve, is competing at a high level, and seems like an intelligent fellow.

If one is still growing in height then careful monitoring of estrogen would have to made while using testosterone, or Dianabol, or use compounds like Oral Turinabol, Anavar, Winstrol, Primobolan, Masteron, or Equipoise which don't aromatize.

Steroids that agonize the progesterone receptor like Deca, Tren, and Anadrol would be less desirable if they were still GROWING. The less hormonal changes the better and having to add Cabergoline to offset prolactin with these drugs makes them more trouble than they are worth at this age.


As someone alluded to earlier, some of these "kids" will go ahead and take steroids anyway. They know when they are being lied to but if you give them some objective advice, hopefully they will make more informed decisions to prevent hurting themselves. That includes using the right steroids for the right amount of time and including PCT.

It's similar to preaching abstinence for teenagers. They are going to have sex anyways. Better to have them equipped with condoms and knowledge than getting someone knocked up. It's only natural to be the best you can be.

I find it unrealistic for one to wait till they 25 or 30, to take their training to the next level.


Why? Many people on this board did. And I am willing to bet that the gained more benefit from their first cycle because they did.

And just to be clear, I use benefit to refer to physical gains, knowledge about their body and it's reaction to a cycle, ability to learn from and correct any mistakes made, and a clarification of future goals.

I could throw out some names of people that exemplify this but I don't want to single them out.

And I agree that Newb, for instance, is being very mature. But you will notice that he is not looking to start a cycle today or has already started one and is looking for people to fix it. I put him in the "seriously considering" category rather than the "I'm going to do it anyway" one.