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Steroid Literature?

Whats up fella’s

First of all, Im new here and wanted to introduce myself. This section is actually the only reason I log onto this site.

A little about me. Im from a small town way down in Texas, so steroids are obviously frowned upon badly. Im a certified trainer and bust my ass when it comes to working out. Im 5’9" and 205 lbs. I was a powerlifter in HS and went to state and nationals. Never won gold, but I was still there. Im 22 yrs.

Anyhow…Ive read through alot of the articles and scanned this forum over pretty hard.

Can anyone reccomend some good extra reading for a newbie such as myself.

Ive taking several cycles of PH but frankly the health issues outweigh the benefits im my opinion.

I would like to get a cycle running around May sometime.

Thanks guys.

If you want something that is not bodybuilding related but gives the medical background behind the development of anabolic steroids and is written in a way accessible to the non-scientist, and gives you the real medical picture instead of a demonized view, probably the best book for that is:

Maisel AQ. The Hormone Quest (1965) Random House

I would suppose your library could obtain it for you on interlibrary loan.

If you want an Internet article on the same sort of thing, although I suppose there’s bias in recommending it as I am the author, you could read:


Although it’s not as reader-friendly as the Maisel book, hopefully it’s not too technically dense.

If you want to get deeper into the pharmacology and more technically dense, though it is an older work it is still probably the most comprehensive:

Kochakian CD. Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology volume 43 (1975)

Thanks Bill. I went straight to Amazon and bought the Maisel book. Unfortunately the Kochakian is out of print, but I picked up another of his books which seemed like it might, “Anabolic Action of Steroids and Remembrances” Appreciate the tips!

yeah thanks man. It always helps to know the science behind shit.


Anything that Bill posts in this section, whenever someone doesn’t piss him off, and even then its at the very least funny, is good reading on the subject as well OP. Just keep on an eye out for it.