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Steroid Laws Worldwide?

Is there a webpage that lays out the steroid laws for each country worldwide? Or at least some countries?

I’m having a hard time finding laws regarding anabolic steroids for countries outside of the US.

Can anyone help?

I don’t know of a webpage since it would be very difficult to maintain and most are not uptated.

I can tell you that in Japan importation is legal, but you can’t get needles (strictly legally speaking).

In Colombia they are not illegal.

In Venezuela they are not illegal.

In Trinidad & Tobago they are illegal.

In Thailand they are illegal.

In Singapore they are illegal.

Those are the countries I have visited in the last 6 months :slight_smile:

In Italy they are illegal. However users are not hunted like in the USA
You can legally get needles

I thought they were legal in Thailand?

Technically, prostitution is illegal in Thailand. That should tell you something.


Anyone else have any information on other countries?


I know the UK has some relaxed rules but maybe Bushy will chime in with some more details…Oh, and Canada, illegal…

France : totally illegal for 20 years or so when an old communist bitch came to be the “youth and sports minister”

however, like in italy, users aren’t hunted until they compete at high level and you can easily get needles