Steroid Laws in China

I might be moving to china for a few months for my job. I am wondering what laws there are regarding steroids. Are they legal there, etc?


you gotta realize that china is still
a communist country and most likely
steriods are illegal. so if you try to
smuggle it in and you get caught say bye
bye cuz we’ll see you in a few yrs, so
forget about it.


I’m not smuggling anything in if there not legal. I thought i heard something before about ‘red star’ chinese d-bol. So i assumed maybe they have different legality issues.

I’m not sure what the steroid laws are…but I’m sure it’s pretty steep. In some Asian countries they either put you to death or throw away the key. Either way it is not worth the risk.

No need to smuggle anything into China, There is already lots of stuff there.

I live in taiwan. You can get Sustanon and andriol, HGH at some pharmacies.
I Don’t beleive in their DEER HORN methyl-testosterone pills. Steroids are not really a problem in Asia, becuase no one could understand why someone would want “disgusting big muscles” coupled with the fact that most people beleive going to the gym and lifting 10lbs 3 times in your life will result in permenant overdeveloped muscles, especially in women.

China is a big, big, source of steroids - you won’t have any trouble finding them nor do I think they’re illegal. I have family in Eastern Europe and you can walk into any pharmacy that’s well stocked and load up on testosterone, stanozolol, etc… very cheaply.