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Steroid Interviews

Drago brings up a very good point. A former lifting partner of mine who has been trying for his pro card forever was using between 4-6g a wk for bulking, and used almost as many compounds for contest prep. I know the guy is never gonna get his card, but it didn’t stop him from trying. He is also in the health care industry and never thought twice about what would happen to him down the road. I almost think that if these guys stop they would go through severe depression, so they keep pushing that envelope. I am sure it will catch up to most of them one day, but as the article brought up - no one knows what or when it would happen.

i’m guessing Nasser too. He seems very meticulous with what he does, well he used to at least. Paul dillet just sounds like an idiot, plus he cant write (i have seen his hand writting it is just a scrawl) and i dont think he would diarise stuff like that. Cuttler wasn’t competeing then so it isn’t him (dumbass).
that was almost a decade ago, imagine what they take now, shit…

i also would like to say i blame the alot of the “obscene drugs for obscene size” on the judges who continually place these ugly fuckers so high. the best physiques are generally around 4th -7th. asthetics. an interesting word in the context, cause if you saw them in real life you’d crap yourself :wink:

can anyone post the original cycle from this very old article?