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Steroid Interviews

if you havent already, i recommend you read the steroid interviews in this weeks issue. he gives a pro’s pre contest cycle. half the shit ive never even heard of. he uses anti-e’s that i didnt know exist. and wtf is “Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate?”

oh thats right i forgot, you freaks cant read.

I felt queesy reading the miligrams that these guys take. I am a total newbie when it comes to steroid knowledge, but seeing 775 building up to around 1975 mg is sick… I don’t even take that much with multivitamins!

that’s parabolan

how does one still get parabolan??? i thought it was discontinued years ago.

Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (Dananbolan) same as the old Parabolan.

Got offered some of that stuff recently but i don’t mind the daily injections and the price was horiffic!
They’re making it in Thailand 76mg/1.5ml so you’re going to have to inject large volumes instead as its equivalent to the 58mg of Tren. Acetate and the half-lifes apparantley similar to enanthate ester.

Think i’ll stick to cattle implants.

I actually thought the overall amount of AAS these guys were using was fairly tame compared to the urban myths of 2g Test a week, 50mg D-bol daily, 150mg Tren a day!

2g myths, try 5g of test/week. I train with someone who was a national level competitor and was using 5g of test at one point, plus whatever else he was using.

I think the article said this was a 1995 cycle from one guy. Others may use more, and this year, nine years later, they may be heavier users.


Yeah, I think that between 2 and 4 grams is the average for a pro nowadays. They probably go lower and higher than that at some points in contest prep. Plus, that doesn’t include GH, insulin, and T3.
Plus, most pros don’t ever go off the gear!!

christ dude. this magazine.

5 fucking grams of test! That guy must have been a walking pin cushion. At 200mg enanthate per ml that would be like… 25ml a week!! Where would you put it all?

well he is no longer national level, becuase 5g test was not all he was injecting. You should see the nasty bruises on his veins. The other day his shoulder had a lump about 3inches out. I am sure it was at least 3cc’s in there of whatever he is one now.

sorry to change the subject but who do you guys think the pro in question is?

The clues:

This bodybuilder is one of the largest individuals ever to compete. He keeps copious records and what you?ll read below was taken directly from his competition notebook. The only word I can use to describe him is enormous. He ranges from 280 to 300 pounds in the off-season and approximately 275 pounds at contest (his exact contest weight cannot be published). Without a doubt he is one of the largest bodybuilders of the modern era. This man is one the few bodybuilders who makes a living from the sport and has appeared thousands of times in the pages of both FLEX Magazine and Muscle & Fitness.

The list of competitors:

1st Dorian Yates
2nd Shawn Ray
3rd Kevine Levrone
4th Paul Dillett
5th Porter Cottrell
6th Chris Cormier
7th Nassar El Sonbaty
8th Charles Clairmonte
9th Andreas Munzer
10th Sonny Schmidt
11th Alq Gurley
12th Aaron Baker
13th Milos Sarcev
14th Thierry Pastel
15th Ronnie Coleman
16th John Sherman
17th Achim Albrecht
18th Roland Cziurlock
19th Samir Bannout
19th David Dearth
19th Mike Quinn
19th Gunter Schlierkamp
19th Henderon Thorne

The competitors that are big enough include Schlierkamp, Albrecht, El Sombaty, Dillett, or Yates. My feeling is that it’s probably El Sombaty.

What about cutler?

Regardless, I believe no pro is going to be completely honest with their usage. Saying they take a lot of drugs makes them feel as though people will not respect their gains.

Paul Dillet for sure…

cant be yates…he never reached 275 contest, especially in 95. I am goin with either Dillet or Nasser.

the dosages listed in that arcticle were not even close to alarming. that was a contest prep cycle at that. although we can imagine, i think we would be shocked at a pro’s bulking stack, typically speaking. a large cycle for us may contain say 2g-2.5g per week of androgens? i would not be surprised to see some of them in the 6g-8g total adrogens per week range. it is shocking and amazing all at once. although the thought frightens me, i must admit i admire there courage in pushing the envelope. you just have to wonder at what point will they get pushed back?