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Steroid Injection Site

Sorry, I am apologizing in advance because I honestly have not read this in a reliable article and because I think it is a basic question of steroid understanding. Here it is: Does the site that you inject into make that particular muscle grow more than the rest? I am just wondering because I know, or at least I think I do, the compounds of the steroids are not only affecting the muscle that was injected.

I know I have a lot of learning to do on steroids, but I was just wondering if site injection actually caused more muscle fibers to be recruited in that particular muscle. Thank you.

No, depending on how much you inject you might see a 1/4 inch change, and that one muscle may be more pumped then rest during workout. But that is extremely short lived due to the quickness it dissipates/dissolves.

So, just inject where it’s easiest, like glutes.


I think there are some compounds that directly effect the muscle that they are injected into, but nothing commonly used I do not think.

Winny has a temporary effect for a couple of days to a week after injection, similar to synthol effect.