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Steroid Induced Bradycardia?

Iv been running a combination of EQ and test which total around 250mg per week as a new trt protocol for nearly three months. Very recently I’ve been experiencing slightly elevated blood pressure combined with bradycardia, as low as 47.

Could the EQ be playing a factor? On one occasion the bradycardia was symptomatic and I felt as though I was going to faint.

Blood tests read all within range. I was especially worried about HRT, but perfectly normal.

Anyone else experience similar sides?

Alright, what’s you’re workout routine like?

Best advice is, if symptomatic is to go to a doc and get an echocardiogram, EKG/ECG can rule out abnormalities regarding electrical conduction… cardiac imagine can rule out structural/morphological alterations, however 250mg (test/eq split) I highly doubt it, though over time HBP can lead to LVH/weakening of the myocardium so get that in check

It appears a test/eq combo may have a unique vasoconstrictive effect given how many seem to experience HBP on test/eq

What’s the split? 125mg & 125mg?

Thanks for the reply unreal.

I’d argue my training is mild. 4 days a week focused on strength training for max 40 to 60 minutes, after which I’d either do steady state (15min) or HIIT(10) for cardio.

Prior to my addition of EQ I had an ECG, all good. But I’ll get another done just to be sure. My hypothesis is that it may also be associated to caffeine intake, resulting in higher BP and a slightly lower RHR. BP is avg around 130/70, not extreme but not happy either.

If I do the ECG and all comes back normal do you still rate I should go and get the echo?

Hey Dex

150 EQ 100 test.

If you can get it, it’s always a good idea to get an echocardiogram, esp if on AAS. Electrocardiogram can rule out abnormalities regarding electrical conduction, but statistically it isn’t extremely sensitive regarding detection of LVH/cardiac enlargement. It’s a fairly good indicator though… but not perfect

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Hey @unreal24278

I Wanted to update you. Stopped the EQ, heart rate back up to normal ± 60 RHR.

ECG came back normal.

Will update you if anything changes. I’m thinking of trialing Primo.

Impossible, that’s placebo… the half life of boldenone undecyelate is very very very very long. Skipping one shot won’t make a difference in symtomatology (as EQ concentration is only marginally less)

If you have a legitimate problem regarding electrical conduction in the myocardium, it’ll come back (can be on/off)

It’s like all those guys who are like “I don’t feel good on 150mg weekly, but on 157 mg weekly… WOW”…

Nope, that’s purely placebo, you’re not crossing over into some new threshold with that extra 2mg weekly

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What’s the logic of running EQ for TRT? Yeah primo is going to be a much better idea. Easier on the body and designed for humans, not horses.

I’ll try push for an echo then. Thank you for making me reassess my initial assessment.

At this point all I can do is speculate.

Your theory is plausible and based off the assumption that my source is legit it could be placebo but here is the thing, I skipped the EQ, took my usual test shot and monitored how I felt (not a very accurate indicator) and also monitored my RHR.

Then I added back the EQ, and like clockwork heart rate dropped to the high 40s and mild dizziness occurred.

Then again today I performed the same experiment, I skipped the EQ and just used the test. RHR around the 60s.

You could be 100% correct or there could be something else at play, perhaps tainted product, who knows at this point but I’m dropping the EQ regardless.

Can you give me a couple of foundational concepts to research regarding the hearts electrical system that you think I should know?

I’ll keep monitoring my heart rate.

Mainly aesthetic reasons. Dosages over 150 test make me hold significant amounts of water weight. I did not want to go over 250mg of AAS a week so I was looking for a compound that I could use for periods were I’d like a slight boost in gym.

Actually EQ was used medicinally for a while (in humans), dropped due to lack of efficiency if I recall correctly

Yeah I’d try test + primo or throw in low dose of proviron to help with the water retention if that’s the main problem you’re trying to solve. I’ve done 150 test / 300 primo for long periods of time without issue.

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