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Steroid Help Please


Whats the best way to set up a cycle containing these products:

test e, anavar, primo tabs
100ui norditropin somatropin hgh
and hcg and nolvadex as pct ??


I really do hate these threads more than anything else, atleast do a tiny amount of research and come to us with a basic idea of how to run a cycle/pct and then we can go from there. I’m willing to help anyone, but for fucks sake, atleast try.


I totally agree with @BlackLabel. It looks like you put zero effort into making a cycle. You just listed products. You didn’t tell us any of your stats/goals. How in the hell are we supposed to help you if you give us zero info besides some compounds? I am all about helping people with cycles… But I won’t sit here and put a cycle together without you putting in any effort. Gotta help us help you.


hes like that lazy kid at school that copies of your paper even your name… lmao