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Steroid Hearings

Can somebody please explain to me what hell is going on in Washington? I swear I thought I was watching a Saturday Night Live skit, not C-SPAN yesterday. What is the ultimate goal of these hearings? Whats going to be the resolution or action at the conclusion of it all? I kinda think the Congressmen involved wanted a easy opportunity to meet their heros and get some autographs. There also were some puzzling lines from these apparently underwork Congressmen, i.e “steroids in baseball are a major national crisis,” “don’t you think Congress should prevent steroid use in baseball,” “without baseball this country is lost.” What the hell are they talking about? National crisis, what about AIDS, education, healthcare, social security, terrorism, …oh yeah IRAQ. We are at war and Congress is worried about steroids in an entertainment industry. Which brings me to another point, what about illegal drugs in the rap and music industry and Hollywood in general. Should Congress investigate Hollywood movie companies about their employees using cocaine, heroine, marij.

I love seeing our tax dollars well spent.

I hear ya man. I saw some footage this morning on TV. I noticed McGwire’s goatee had turned white toward the bottom.

I just don’t understand why they are sticking their noses in this when there are many greater problems in the country to worry about.

Interesting point of view Crow…I couldn’t agree with you more.
The only reason I stopped competing in competitive sports, is because of the “win at all costs” attitude. I’ve played beyond the college level, and to say this type of thinking is the majority would be a severe under statement. This mentality begins at childhood, and is the controlling factor of EVERYDAY life. We as a human race need to seriously check ourselves.

It’s a big sham.

Why do these guys make more money in a year than I’ll ever see in a lifetime? Why does it cost about 200 bucks to go see a game with decent seats (parking, hot dogs, nuts, beer, tickets, etc).

Hey, someone is paying the bills. Otherwise these guys wouldn’t have those inflated paychecks to go along with their bloated face.

I have to say that I totally agree with you on this. I watched a lot of the hearings yesterday, didn’t feel like doing much at work, and I was absolutely disgusted with the way our politicians in Congress acted. Don’t get me wrong, this is a hot topic and there were a lot of valid points made, but what really pissed me off was the part regarding the MLB and it’s players.

Congress appears to be missing the whole point at hand. The MLB is not the problem, not is it Big Mac’s fault that people use steroids. Whether he did or he didn’t I really don’t care. It’s as if Congress is using MLB as a scapegoat and ignoring the bigger problem at hand.

I was really disgusted at how they tried to get the players to admit to using steroids on national t.v. They repeatedly attacked Big Mac and the others even if they said they didn’t use steroids. McGwire was 100% correct when he stated that if they say no, then nobody believes, them but if they say yes they are forever ridiculed and investigated. Look at Canseco, no immunity so he didn’t say a thing at the hearing. The nerve of that guy to call everyone out and then pleading the 5th during the hearing, that pisses me off.

Then they had the nerve to attack the 5 strike rule that was set aside in the CBA, but yet they ignor the fact they have their own 3-strike rule for felonies etc. It just doesn’t make sense.

It’s my opinion that steroids, while proven to be bad for you, is a choice that an individual makes. Everyone is responsible for their actions. For those of us who choose to use supplements, we do so knowing the consequences but at the same time we use them in the manner in which they were intended.

Those kids in Texas, and the individuals that died using steroids probably didn’t take it because MLB playser did. They did it go get an edge and to increase their performance. They are old enough to understand the consequences of their actions and nobody should be held responsible for their actions except themselves.

But what really concerns me is because of this, Congress is going to make even more bad decisions regarding the use of supplements. Next thing you know, we will no longer be able to buy Grow!, or HOT-ROX, or any other great supplements because in some way shape or form, Congress will deem them bad without any kind of knowledge of the industry. Look at those guys, not a single one has probably played sports, or even touched a weight in their lives.

Sorry for the rant, but I can’t help but be a little upset at the way Congress is handling this situation. Thanks for letting me vent.

You see, politicians spend millions of dollars to get elected to the House or Senate, to get those fat pensions and healthcare benefits. They run on the platforms of doing the work their constituents elect them to do. However, once they get to congress, they find out it’s just a kiss-ass power game, and they as individuals are actually emasculated. So, when they get the chance to publicly brow-beat some professional athletes who can’t threaten them, they get on their soap box and crow about some real or imagined crisis, trying to look tough. Then, they can strut around declaring how they really kicked some ass, and put the fear of God in these muscular guys from pro sports, hoping privately that they might actually get laid that night.