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Steroid Gains for Advanced Gymrats


Hi guys,

I've been working out for more than 10 years (going from 70 to about 100kg) and reached a plateau for some time.

Last summer I did my first ever Test E only cycle (500mg) with a Nolva PCT. I used it to preserve muscle while going on a very strict cutting diet. It worked.

But now I'm on a bulking cycle with 750mg Test E (frontloaded) and 40mg Dbol (ED for 6 weeks). My calorie intake is about 800-1000 above my BRM. I follow the clean bulk diet posted on this site some weeks ago (bulking without getting fat). I have Adex and Nolva on hand, for the last 6 weeks till PCT i'll use 2x250iu HCG EW.

All the time I read those stories about guys going on a Test E cycle and gaining 20 lbs and experiencing dramatic strength increases.

I'm at the end of my 2nd week and the 40mg of dbol ED has given me a slight increase in strength for my max lifts, but nothing I'd call "dramatic".

Now for my question:

Is the expected gain in mass and strength lower for people who've reached a natural plateau after 10+ years of training compared to people with far less experience and who still have plenty of potential?

Ps: my gear is of good quality from a very respectable source.


i dont know what you consider a clean bulk but cut that shit out... with Test and Dbol running you need alot of excess calories. not candy and cokes but high carbs still have there place if trying to put on size... week 2 is still early but from here on out you should start making noticable gains in muscle and strength.

seriously my lunch sometimes consist of a 2/3 pound cheese burger, large fry and large chocolate shake... get in the calories and make the gains while you are ON, especially since you say you have hit a natural plataue...

also if you arent getting any sides from Dbol up the dose another 10mg per day and see how it goes...


whats your stats?


Hi thx for the reply!

The clean bulk from this site contains a lot of carbs (good sources).

My stats are: 31 (almost 32), 1m83 (6 foot) and about 106kg (~234lbs) at this moment. My BF has increased from 13 to 16% (went a week on holiday before the bulk started and well yeah... I let myself go a little :wink: ).

The problem with your kind of bulk diet is that in my case I will turn very very fat.

The 40mg of dbol could be increased to 50 or even 60mg but the back pumps are often killing me. I also take about 1mg of Finasteride to prevent hair loss (I'm not prone to Male Baldness Patern, but I'd rather keep my full hair).


I would try to increase your calories, trying to eat as clean as possible. (I know this is tremendously easier said then done)


the only cycle you were on before this was a Test E cycle with restricted calories. keep eating and and put in more Dbol... sure the pumps you get all hurt like fuck... but grab your sack and tough it out for a few weeks.

i didnt really see crazy results until about 4-5 weeks in with dbol and Test E... then big changes happened.. i was on dbol for 6 weeks...


@ Superhuman: I know... eating many kcals with "healthy" food is more like force feeding

@ ty_ty: That's strange, because I always read that dbol acts very fast.

Even so, will an advanced gym rat get the same gains (in %) as a beginner on AAS?


a) 10 years of hard lifting IF you're pretty strong will mean you wont gain as much as fast

b) Are you using an AI? If you are that will reduce the water weight you get from the dbol

c) You haven't stated how much protein you're eating. On gear, you need to slam as much as humanly possible, you wont gain lean weight without protein, regardless of calories



To answer your questions:

a) for the last 10 years, I've been working out consistently 4-5 days/week and I always give it the best I can

b) yes, Arimidex 0,5mg EOD during the first 6 weeks because of the dbol and about 0,25mg EOD when on Test E only. I'm not gyno prone

c) I eat about 300gr protein a day from food and supps. Should I eat even more? Besides all the pasta I feel like a garbage container eating all that crap.


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I would try eating more protein, the bigger you get, the more you need to maintain and the more you need to get bigger. If you can handle some fat gain, throw in half a gallon to a gallon of milk a day. I'd push the protein till your piss turns dark and you start feeling sick. That way you'll know roughly what your upper limit is.


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I'm glad someone said it. put some freekin pants on


I'm glad someone said it. put some freekin pants on


800 cals above BMR is probably below maintenance. You need to up that, a lot. Like, a lot lot. That's your problem.


Thank you for your input. You have a good point there, but in my case it's not that simple. When I add even more kcal I just get fat. My metabolism is on the slow side. Even now my BF has gone up quite a bit, even considering it's about 90% healthy food (so no junk food bulk).

If I should eat like 5000kcals I would look like a whale.

Or do you all look like Michelin guys when bulking?


Gear will improve your nutrient partitioning significantly. You will be able to eat much more without getting fat than you could have otherwise. That's the whole point.
But if you are really worried about this just add in some fasted morning cardio or something like that to keep the fat gain at bay. You could even add something like clen and get leaner while getting bigger.


lol, I was thinking the same thing.


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