Steroid Free but Drugged

Anybody have a guess on which popular natural bodybuilder was being referred to in the Chris Street interview in this week’s T-mag? The only person I can think of is Skip La Cour.

“I interviewed a guy who was a very successful drug free bodybuilder and he was very proud of his drug free lifestyle. Then at the end of the interview he ran down what he uses to get in “drug free” shape. He was steroid free, but he was nowhere near drug free! For the bodybuilding world and fitness community he was drug free, but for the rest of the world, including the IOC, this is not drug free.”

i have no idea how you got skip la cour out of that statement. he could be referring to anyone in the entire world! this is how rumors are started.

Well, Skip is the only successful and popular “natural” bodybuilder I could think of. These guys get no attention and Skip is about the only one who does/did.

Rumors getting started? Skip is very used to that. The question of whether or not he’s used has dogged his entire career.

uhhh…where does it say popular?

and for the record, i believe skip has admitted to using in the past, but claims to not be on now. sure is pretty fucking jacked though!

P-Dog, if you’re being interviewed by Chris Street for either Flex or M&F and you’re described as “successful”, then that implies you are popular.

Not trying to pick on Skip, just curious. I didn’t remember him saying he’d used before though. I know alot of them claim natural status after using for a few years then going natural after that. Natural vs lifetime natural. Also, Skip said he used prohormones or has at least appeared in prohormone ads in the past, but that’s a whole nother topic!

P-Dog I don’t believe Skip ever mention using in the past (steriods that is). This is how rumor gets started. I had a friend that knew him very well. And claims he never touch the juice, other drugs I have no idea. And I don’t think he was on steriods either. He, never gained alot of mass but he was ripped on stage. Weighed pretty much the same every time he competed.

im almost positive i read an interview with him where he admitted to juicing in the past.

Who cares?

P-Dog is right. I read the same interview. Skip does readily admit to using in the past, but is clean now.