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Steroid Freaks Are Everywhere


Check out this article from Rick Telander in today's Chicago Sun-Times.



Typical media BS. Plus Telander is an idiot, I remember his reading crap and seeing him on tv when I used to live in Chicago.


That was a good read. Got to have friends, and guess what, friends are everywhere.


I have no idea what you're talking about nucleus?

As for the article it didn't seem that bad. I kinda skimmed over it but it didnt' seem to be the typical "STEROIDS ARE THE DEVIL" type of bullshit article. Just pointed out that alot of people use them.


He rips bodybuilders and workout culture in the middle of the article. His point at the end of the article though, more or less says that if using steroids is cheating, then so are a lot of other things. It was more fair and balanced than I would have expected from him.


My take was it was kinda pro-steroids especially at the end.


He was quoting MD mag though when he mentioned those points...


"They get the real stuff, like Winstrol and Stanazol..."

Friggin moron.


Well it sucked but compared to some of the complete and utter trash that's been written or programs that have been shown on the topic it wasn't quite as big a peice of shit. Still the guy obviously was clueless and just trying to capatalize on the whole AAS sensationalism craze that the media is riding out right now, like the dick riding whores they all are.