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Steroid First Impressions


I am 43 yrs old, T level checked in late July, result 339. Originally wanted to try gel, glad we got the shot.

Always have been a avid lifter for over 20+ years, good gains throughout, strength has been the major factor/influence. Lately irritable and have tried many T boosters, never did I want to try roids, happy with my natural endurance and strength and always felt I was the hardest worker in the gym and felt roids was the copout/excuse. I have always used supplements throughout the last 20 years, first supplement I remember buying was "Real Strong Stuff" from GNC. I feel that I am just leveling the playing field when it comes to my turn to the plan B. After all if I have been low all this time then using to even my level is allright.

Below is a brief insight as to my begining experience with TRT and my experiment to gain and maintain. Started with first 2 injects in MD's office and Rx cypionate for .5ml weekly(dosages of course altered). I post this as to inform and give an idea of what to expect.

First shot(at MD's office) effects almost immediately upon drive home..euphoric, at ease, picturesque clouds on sunny day

Days in/first week, wake up with feeling of a little congestion, kinda like at the end or beginning of a chest cold/flu. some dry phlegm.

Waking up before alarm goes off, more energy and motivated, morning boners.

Weeks in confidence relaxed attitude, better posture, tighter, feel as though muscle firmness is increased water uptake...fuller. No more chest phlegm or wetness.

Taking aspirin low dose and garlic for blood thinning, higher Hgb and Hct/ thicker viscosity not a good thing.

Again after taking injections, for the first few days after reminds me of some nootropics or the feeling of oneness.. naturalistic sense more in tune with, I like the look of an open sky and clouds..colors vivid and more pronounced.

Close to a month in noticeable water bloat gain muscle puffy/watery all u read about testosterone water weight gain seems to correlate. Have gained about 7-10lbs.

Injecting in thigh is very easy but noticed pain in that leg is pronounced enough to rub ben-gay to affected/injected thigh days later due to pretty good stiffness and some pain. always more 2-3 days later. first day nothing.

Month in no real strength gains as of yet, in gym pushing further some endurance but strangely enough more out of breath, can tell body is going thru adjustments, just a little less difficulty getting the reps I want i.e. 11, 12, 13 stopping more at 8,9,10. Some oilyness especially on face for the mean while no real all over body, which associates with roiders, again a mild dose. More boners easily and frequently.

On sex orgasm, masturbation, feel less emptying or orgasmic shooting, pumping with humping can go on further with release not coming on unexpected as if u got to work to get it out, pleasurable with increased endurance sexually but still it doesn't come/cum easy : )

Month or so in still small dose 200-250mg, some pimple/acne just one or two, back, neck. Strength coming on squatting more frequently with 365 vs 315...benching instead maxing 100-110s now 110-120. endurance still a factor still feel poopy between sets really have to push self to finish sets(w/desired reps 10+) thoughts about this is when u see a roider in the gym doing sets here and there and not really pushing all out, just there going thru the motions....not what I signed up for. Chest redness like as if slight sun exposure/sunburn.

At around 250-300mg find need for AI wanted to wait to see weight loss would be issue to puffiness+itching, had some erase laying around started taking and puffiness improves...bought some revolution pct works ok..i think i get better/prefer results from erase.

Month in a half some strength and better endurance have come body is making more adjustment, in gym hitting 125's for a few and better pumps , some very extreme especially doing laterals have painful pumps. Confidence and better motivation to eat cleaner..very little red meat chicken, chicken. Balls a little smaller but not really noticeable.

Side note, biceps more fuller feel as if growing, easier to train, feel like hitting traps, doing with shoulders really seems to bring about separation, never haved like training traps nor done them besides upright rowing in younger days.. feel as though they bring balance almost as if necessary to bring about new gains...possible connection to steroidal anabolic effects skeletal muscle receptors and built up aggression and strength, tightness resides in neck area feels good to pump it, notice a lttle ...little acne bump zit present here.

Upped low dose aspirin to 162 mg or 2 pills in am and pm..along with garlic.

2 months in and wanting to up the dosage but now running out of MD Rx bottle, seek online.. Upped dosages bring a little better results but nothing spectacular, still small dosages with max being a one time 400mg with no more left to go round but a 225 mg dose and a 150mg left....in gym attacking 125lb DB chest and 375lb squat with failed attempt 405. Erase is definately needed with search for better OTC, ordered some Nolvadex and Test E....Balls are much smaller some sometimes seems uniball but not extreme.

Aggression is very seldom if not at all, but when u do feel slighted u are deeply offended and ideas of an evil way to do someone in is easily contemplated without much thought to it. Weight gain staying steady at around 10-15lbs.

2 1/2 months in, online source legit, obtain test e, first inject 475-485mg, started some nolvadex 10mg twice a day with erase, seems to take puffiness away better than erase alone, nolva alone did little to nothing for just a few days. Balls seem to have a little more fluff/puff with just a few doses of nolva.

5 day inject from last one of 485, pinned around 725mg 2.75-85 ml....wife said some, like a dot did not stay in. Plan is to inject 500 every 5 days want to see some real gains in strength and aided fat loss? Measured bicep 18 and 1/4 up from 18 pumped at start/begining. Penis a tad longer/bigger although as the saying goes, leaner in midsection will increase size but still it's slightly grown. Also hair patch faint, soft on back of neck, mid of traps.. no ape tuft, just faint noticeable upon inspection and hair grows much faster on arms+legs. As they say it seems larger dose more pronounced sides.

3 days later leg day, as i write this 10-21-2014 PR'd 405 squat solid rep and a half, did not push hard enough from the bottom on second rep, deep squat no stop, clean down and up. Do have leather belt instead of Sheik belt which is a tight fit, started with leather 23 years ago, continue with. The day previous hit same scenario on seated military press 225lbs for 1 and 1/2. These two PR's were on my hit list for quite a few years. On taking nolvadex and erase very necessary today and previous, nipple breast like pointy lowers, not extreme just more noticeable than previous, due to larger dose more estrogen build up, no doubt, puffiness goes away in a matter of hours after taking...interested in what Arimidex will do. Thoughts now are that estrogen is something every man needs to have lower especially as we age, estrogen has probably been an issue from the get go, from water gain to decreased endurance, also noticed with AI as little is that erase and low dose nolva provides, my chest really ups its game, hard throughout and very controllable with extreme muscle fullness and contraction I can squeeze my pecs perfectly with almost every rep... when seeing a cut up bodybuilder with striations throughout very hard to conceive how they obtain that fullness with insane detail.... I believe it's gotta be the removal or control of estrogen.

At this time new uncharted territory will stay consistent with 500 every 5 days and continue better eating more cardio less fatty meals, await better cypionate and Arimidex.

Motivation is really good at this time, if anything that starting this, is that motivation is key to success.