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Steroid First Cycle... Please help me...


So… Let’s do this quick shall we…

I’m looking forward to doing my first cycle of juice.

My background:
I’m 5.5
183-5 (I don’t convert well to pounds is roughly 82 kilos)
And I have a 20% body fat…
I look and feel quite good.

I’m only looking to do steroids for around 90 days…
Now… I won’t be doing barbells or curls or squats…
I will be doing, cardio/interval/yoga/martial arts…
You see, I’m a black belt in karate, and I want to peak my physique to match my skills.
I just want to cross train as hard as possible to reach great physical results while keeping nice aesthetics.

I know for a fact that I can keep the “gains” after this 90 day cycle with good food and caloric maintenance.

I no longer compete so I won’t be worried about the loss of strength and performance after the cycle, plus my technique is fairly decent and I mostly train for self defense to which stengt matters little…

Here start the questions:

I want to keep a body fat level around 15%, I need the extra fat for protection
I need to bulk up a little, but, need to keep my flexibility and explosive power.

Which drug should I take?

I incline myself for oral, since It will be a one time thing and my live should be fine, I abstain from all drugs but an occasional cigar.

What dosage should I take?

Thrice a week? Twice?

I know it needs to be a low dosage since I will train for maybe two extreme hours of cardio and plyo, but I know for a fact I often overtrain when doing this… The steroids are to compensate for this as well as for giving me the strength to carry through the hard training.

Finally, should I worry about gyno, or any side effect during this short period?}
Would I need any drug to prevent them?

Then again, I believe from what I’ve read that my “gains” won’t go away unless I lose too much weight in the future, does anyone has any experience on this?, and would my strength and performance maintain, decline or flatten out of the three month cycle?

I know there are a lot of questions but they all go along, just overall expectancies for a first cycle.

Any advice will be really appreciated, happy holidays!


Is this real?


Well yes it is… al lot of athletes do juice, not just gym rats… What is that It seems out of the norm to you?
Be mindful that I now little to nothing about steroids, so I might be wrong in my assumptions… All I’m asking in quite diluted words is, good steroid cycle for athletes(MMA).
My main goal is to speed recovery, and increase muscle mass while slightly reducing fat percentage, 15% to 10% is a good overall when you are taking body shots.
So do you have any advice?