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Steroid FAQ

Just interested on Steroids and was wondering if someone could point me in a direction as to what and how they work exaclty, why they work and basically a FAQ. Again i’m not asking for the answer, i’m asking you to point me in the right direction as to where i could find this info. I did a search on t-mag but i get so much shit that it’s hard to tell what is right and wrong. Thanks.

P.S. im not planning on using them just want to educate myself on something that i really know nothing about.

quite honestly you will have to sort through what is shit advice and what is good advice as you gain knowledge. you can ask one question and get a myriad of opinions. i use a combination of common sense, sound scientific information, personal experience, and the advice of vets i respect. just hang around the boards. read the back issues of t-mag. things like that. you will figure things out over time. when your ready to cross over to the dark side just let us know first so we can help you not fuck up.

You can start with Cy’s “Steroids for Dummies” article. Pretty much anything fron Cy or Brock is worth checking out.

Ha, i don’t think i’m crossing over anytime soon. Still young, got a lot of gains left w/o aas. Thanks though.

So if a steroid won’t aromitize there is no use for an anti-e? Also half lives determine how often you will need to inject or injest a steroid?