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Steroid Failure


i am a 20 year old male, wanting to pack on some decent size for the summer holidays. A relative of mine managed to get me some cidoteston and decanate nanadrolone for me to do a ten week course.

My dosages were as follows:
week 1 - 4: 250mg cidoteston, 100mg deca
week 5 - 8: 500mg cidoteston, 200mg deca
week 9 - 10: 250mg cidoteston, 100mg deca

My last shot was a week before my holiday which was for two weeks. Unable to get supplies left me with no pct when i returned from my holiday. It has now been 6 week since my last jab.

My sex drive is all ok and am having no problems with ejaculating. However my testes are a little on the small side and i have been experiencing bad cases of "feeling low" which i feel is due to low test levels.

I ran no hcg throughout my cycle and did no pct. I am now able to get hold of nolvadex and HCG. Is it worth me taking the two of these so late after my cycle, will they boost up my test levels and return my balls back to normal. i have never been as worried in my life (hence why i am writing this at 2:40am!), and regret doing AS. I just need advice on my best next course of action, as i have done hours of research and feel there are too much conflicting arguments concerning the whole pct topic.



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I suggest you get bloodwork done to check your test levels. Be sure to include LH/FSH. If these are all low, then Nolva should help restore your HPTA.


Thanks guys, whats done is done, going to do the nolva:

week 1: 40mg e/d
week 2,3 and 4: 20mg e/d

hopefully, this should settle my problems. Then get bloodwork done to see where i stand, hopefully all being well, i will be ok.

Again, thankyou guys, the help was much appreciated.