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Steroid enhanced measurements

People always talk about how much weight they gain from a cycle, but I never here about How far the tape stretches. To me if someone was taking a 1000mg a week of testosterone, in ten weeks a good gain would be like an inch and a half on your arms. What kind of arm, waist, and leg measurement increases have people experienced from their steroid cycles.

For me, typically 1/2" on arms in 2 weeks,
unfortunately a little less on calves usually
though there have been exceptions, 1 inch
on thighs. Chest, I have never been good
at reliably measuring and don’t have a figure.

Longer cycles have been with concurrent dieting
so not too relevant.

I assume you’re talking about a novice user,
or an experienced user who has been off for a while and is making regains. Obviously, many
pros compete only 1/4" or 1/2" bigger on the
arms after a full YEAR of training and drug use (or say 8 months of that being
heavy drug use, which gives equally good results as 12 months.)