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I’ve been lookin around for some good online sources and I came across this site.


Does anyone have any experience or heard anything about it? It seems they offer legitamite sources but you gotta pay for a membership.

I saw this page and I’m not sure about their honesty after reading it.
Basically after doing the math, the guy only put on 5lb of lean mass in 2 years of natural training and then 22 in one year of roids. Seems a bit outrageous, or the dude was a slacker.

I was a member there briefly. It’s a legit site. Nothing special though. It is just a forum and some general AS descriptions. As for the suppliers, I think they are pretty good. I only know about one of them for sure. The rest are all suppose to be proven, but who knows. When I was a member they had about 5 or 6 suppliers. It’s been like a year since I was a member, so I don’t know what they offer now. If you are looking for suppliers then you could join or try George Spellwins book on suppliers over at elitefitness I don’t know if it’s any good or not. I personally am not a big fan of elitefitness, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have legit suppliers.

That site is garbage, in my honest opinion. Actually, as garbage can sometimes be recycled into something useful, that site is not even garbage, as I can’t imagine anyhting useful ever coming out of it. The staff is mediocre at best, the informaiton on that site, where it is not patently incorrect, is available for free ehsewhere on the internet, and in addition some of the sources they give you access to with a paid membership are scammers or have gone scammer in the past.

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in regards to elitefitness - total crap… they also offer money back guarentee… I yet to see my money back, that was about a year ago. they don’t even reply to my e-mails now.