steroid dieting

Where is the link to this supposedly god-ly article? I must read it! i suggest you start searching there. oh, and stop asking questions if you are only going to debate the answer. you dont need our help. you already know it all.



Hey drago, here’s some advice for you. Get off my dick!

Thanks Tommy for the link!

how hard is it to type “steroid dieting” into the search function???

Thanks, Tommy for the link. God forbid I type the words Steroid Dieting into the T-Mag search engine. ;p

Tried it smart guys but came up with a bunch of articles which weren’t even related.

its newbies like this that make me want to stop helping them.

i just tried it and top of the second page results was ‘Steroid Dieting’ maybe you need to learn the value of perserverance. That took me all of 30 secs!!

Then don’t help me at all drago, your reply posts have been nothing but insulting anyway. I have a father already and don’t need some fucking guy who lives and breathes this forum to berate me because I’m new to this and he thinks he is the Zeus of the T-mag forum world.

There are several pleasant people on this site who have been very helpful and to them I am extremely thankful. But for all you cocksuckers who think you are so high and mighty, here’s some advice, turn off the computer for once and take a shot at getting laid. By a female…

sounds like someone has a bad case of the little mans syndrome. dont worry bro. you wont be receiving any further assistance from me. and i doubt much from any other experienced bro’s on here. we dont take kindly to newbies with piss poor attitudes. now excuse me while i try and get laid. golly that would be cool.

Well, I’m not talking to all experienced bro’s pal, I’m talking to you. Experience or no experience you don’t have to act like a know it all cock every time you respond to a thread. And give me a break with the little man syndrome. I’m sure you scowered my profile and saw that I was 5’8" huh? Trust me babyboy, I don’t have a complex at all so stop fishing for cutdowns.

Second, like I said, I’m thankful to everyone who helps me out with a question but for some reason you’ve taken a liking to me. Why, I don’t know. But I’ve gotten great, friendly advice from several people who don’t share the same condesending attitude that you like to display. I didn’t ask for it, nor do I think I deserve it. Thanks Dad, I’ll get right on that!

“Golly”? I knew you were a Gomer.

prick err prock, why dont you re-read your original question? maybe you will see wtf drago is talking about.

ps. you wont be getting any advice from me either.

hey prick,i mean prock you will have a short time on this board with a nasty attitude. Not beening hard on you but its true.

its funny how tough guys get over the internet. none the less, good luck with your cruise vacation/cycle.

also, as to your accusation that i have done nothing to help you. below is the original response i gave you for your original question. i also, politely responded to a PM from you. for this help i got an attitude. you referred to me as “dad”. i guess that is fitting since you have been acting like a child. do you need a beating “son”?

i would add prop in weeks 7/8. no reason to drop the test after 6 weeks. also, IMO nolva is a superior anti-e in relation to clomid. i run my anti-e from start to finish. gyno is nothing to mess with. i would suggest taking 10-20mgs of nolva ED throughout. for a first cycle, you could probably get away with 50mgs of tren/ED or 75mgs/EOD. the winstrol dosage is fine. it may not hurt to bump it a bit. also, what are you stats? how long have you trained and how many cycles have you done? these are all factors.