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steroid dieting

has anyone tried cy’s steroid dieting? if so, did you have to make any adjustments? how were the results?


I followed it to the letter (almost). Take a look at my pic’s on the photo BB from a show I did about 3 weeks ago. The only things I changed was to bump the winny to 100 mg/day (because I used tabs) and the last three (3) days before the show bumped Reforvit-B to 100 mg per day.

I will follow this protocol for my next show also. Had great results!


TenMan did it with good results.

tenamn, can you list the changes you went through? stats wise. thanks

Tenman: did you use any stims (T3, clen, ECA, etc.)?

I’m thinking that protocol is pretty expensive to a cheapo shredding cycle of T3, Test, ECA, and femara…

That’s what I’m planning for the near future, what do you think of that?

OK, this is exactly what I did:

I started dieting 13 weeks out at a weight of 205 lbs. Nothing too drastic, just cut out he crap.

Counting down to the contest date:

Weeks 7 and 6:
Monday: 250 mg sustanon
M, W, F: 100 mg trenbolone acetate

Weeks 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Monday: 250 mg sustanon
M, W, F: 100 mg trenbolone acetate
M, T, W, Th, F, S: 100 mg Stanzolol tab
T, Th, S: 20 mg Reforvit-B (D-bol)

At week 3 I started 50 mg clomid/day for insurance and recovery purposes. Ran it 3 weeks post cycle also (50 mg/day)

As I said previously, the last 3 days before the contest, I bumped the D-Bol to 100 mg/day.

The last 4 weeks, I was eating almost purely protein…about 300 mg/day with a 1/3 cup of oatmeal for good measure.

I started at 205 lbs and weighed in at the contest at 174.8 lbs. I really believe I gained muscle while I was on this protocol and lost a true 30 lbs of fat. I never had my body fat measured, so I can’t be much help there.

As far as fat burners, I just used an ECA supplement. Next time I’ll use clen or t3 just to burn that last bit of fat off.

This was the first time I used this protocol and was very satisfied with the results. I won first in the Men’s Masters Division and 5th in the MiddleWeight Open division.

that sounds pretty good! your cycle was pretty conservative actually.

my “friend” was thinking about running:

prop 50mg/day
tren 50mg/day
winny 60mg/day

for 8 weeks. following cy’s diet protocol of:

1.5 g/lb protein
50-100g carbs
30-35g fat

Yes, it is on the conservative side, but it worked well for preserving muscle while drastically dieting…just as Cy set it up to do.

Check the photo BB to see what I looked like before I started to diet. I posted a pic.

Don’t mind Sarah, she was just over for a visit…hehe