Steroid Dieting

I read Cy’s article on steroid dieting, but I’m creating a cycle for my friend here who knows bump about nutrition. He’s 190, 20 years old (Yes, too young to be doing roids in my opinion, but his choice). He doesn’t know how to count calories and has probably never heard the word glycemic index before so I’m going to just write the whole damn meal plan out for him and tell him to follow it to the T. It’s the best I can do. It’s his first cycle and he’s just doing straight winny for about 7 weeks with nothing else.
He’s also I’d say around 9-11% bodyfat now. He said his goals are to get abs and get bigger. Most of us would think that’s a rather hard goal it is pretty preposterous…but being it his first cycle it might be possible.
So what I’ve drafted in my head so far to break the macronutrients down is:

5-6 meals a day
3 of those meals being protein and a little bit of fat
1 pre and 1 post workout meal consiting of protein and carbs…on the higher glycemic side such as white rice, since Surge is a bit too pricey.
and 1 bedtime meal of protein and fat.

Since he’s taking the winny he can go pretty low on the calories. I’m just debating between 2000 and 2400. Since he wants to gain muscle I won’t take him down to the sub-2000 level.
So I have it broken down as 300 grams of protein, 100 grams of carbs, and 40-50 grams of fat.
Also I’m thinking of making one day a week a Carb-up refeeding day and upping the calories on that day to about 3500-4000 range, using generally lower glycemic carbs though.
I’ve never done steroids, but I’m just the nutrition guru and these are my thoughts. I don’t want to have to big of an ego and think that I know everything about how to do a cycle when I’ve never done it. Comments please.

everything looks good. thats pretty much exactly what i do. the only thing i would change is the high gi meal pre workout. an insulin spike pre workout can cause you to “crash” a little while later. i would stick to a p+f meal pre workout. then during the workout start sipping on your Surge or Surge like drink. drink half during and half after, followed by another p+c meal about an hour later.

ps. your boy shouldnt be juicing yet!