Steroid Dieting

Has anyone tried Cy Willson’s “steroid dieting” while on Mag-10 as suggested in his article? If so, what were your results and genera opinion of the diet?

Many thanks.


Paul, I didn’t use the exact method Wilson presented, but I did use Mag-10 briefly when I did a modified Fat Fast. I was able to hold on to almost all of my mass and lost a good deal of fat. Hope this helps.

Thanks Trev,
Well I just placed and order for Surge, Tribex, “M” and Mag-10. Enough for a 10 week cycle. I’m starting out at 13.95% bodyfat. My goal is to cut that in half in 10 weeks while maintaining current LBM.
I’m “psyched” for this cycle. Having bodyfat measured and photos taken every two weeks.
If anyone is interested I’ll keep an update??
I’ll be doing “Steroid Dieting” accompanied by first Meltdown I, then swithcing to a 5x5 program.
I’m really trying to put all the stuff I’ve learned on this website, forum and my personal experiences into this one. I’ll be 42 in about a week and its time to finally get shredded.
13.95%BF at 211# at 6’0" doesn’t look too impressive : )
Time to bust ass.

Well you bust that ass ;), and keep us updated. Good luck. Sonny
P.S. Can’t wait to start a MAG cycle, I hope this injury goes away pretty soon.:frowning:

To Sonny:
Thanks for the words of encouragement. What kind of injury are you rehabing from?