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Steroid Dieting

What are your experiences using steroid dieting with Mag 10. did it work well for you guys? Did you have to make any modifications to the diet? Or did it not work for anyone? I find myself not droping BF fat at the rate expected> Im not sure how to adjust the diet because the calories are already low. Im traing 4 days a week and doing cardio 3*40min and 2 days of interval training. Also using MD6 and T2 PRO. My strength is increasing, but my BF has stayed the same after 2.5 weeks.

Jeff, I did the steroid diet while on Mag-10. My mistake was not doing cardio, but I still lost 6 lbs. I found it very difficult to follow the diet guidelines as far as fat intake. I just didn’t see how it was possible to take in the large amounts of protein and maintain the low fat. Because even chicken breasts have 3 grams of fat. But I did lose about an inch off my waist.

I find that when people are eating below maintenance, training etc and not losing that they’re doing something wrong, perhaps making guesses about calorie intake or something. Are you keeping a food log? How are you measuring your progress exactly (bodyfat % etc)?

My results stalled as well, I think protein intake is too high making the body less efficient at burning fat b/c it is still more of a glucose running metabolism. Ideally you want to be in ketosis to better burn bodyfat. I see best results with a low calorie ketogenic diet. Try this formula. Take your Lean Body Mass x 8. Half those calories are protein, half are fat. (50% protein/50% fat). This will give you calories at 8x bodyweight, and 1g protein per lb lean bodyweight. For example, if you have about 200lbs LBM.
200 x 8=1600 calories
1600/2=800 cals protein/fat
/9 and /4 for fat/protein.
200g protein, 88g fat. Try to keep carbs at 0.
Protein from meats, minimum/no shakes. 6-12 Fish oil capsules per day. Cook food in 1tsp. coconut oil, can get at small health food stores. I eat basically 93% ground beef, top round steak, ostrich, chicken. Drink water, as much as possible, it helps keep you fuller. 2-4 meals a day, I eat 2, 12 hours apart as low carbs w/ the fat keeps me full, and got an ice shaver for a shaved ice snack. Lift 4x week, 5x5 as discussed on other sites seems best, and do sprint intervals 2-4x a week. 2x a week try to eat just boneless/skinless chicken, 200g protein and nothing else, I know its crazy, but all this works, fast. Try this and see if the fat doesnt start melting off faster than ever.

I’m of the opinion that protein intake beyond 1 g per lb LBM per day (approximately) when dieting with androgens is simply excess calories; or for the same amount of calories, you will do better limiting protein to that and taking in the balance with carbs and/or fats rather than more protein.

What about post workout? Still drink a serving of Surge, or skip it?

Surge post workout is ok while dieting, it will only throw you out of Ketosis for a limited amount of time. I do this and am steroid dieting as well. I have my cals at about 1000 per day and doing cardio with no thermos or thyroid drugs.

Bill What about all those that say protein isn’t easily converted into fat, or inhibitory of fat burning. That is elevates your metabolic rate, more so than consuming carbs, and fats.

I think the Surge is very worthwhile post workout even when dieting severely – perhaps especially under that condition – though I prefer to take half before the workout and half after. (If not dieting, I’ll use a scoop and a half both pre and post workout, or if bulking, two scoops. These are all level scoops rather than rounded – just my personal method.)

Pete69, your program seems like it would work better. Do you use a postworkout shake, or lowcarb plus flax? how much cardio on top of intervals do you use? Any high carb days? What supplements?