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CY or others…I want to do your steroid dieting rules but was wonderinf if some sprint intervals can be incorporated to enhance fat loss? I will running 50mg/winny injected/day and thats it! I walso was planning on using ephedrine and caffeine!!

Interval sprints would be a great addition to your workouts, they keep me lean. I’d recommend 100-200m intervals at 65-75%. That’s approximately a 16s 100m and a 32s 200m. Rest should be 30-60s, start with 600m total volume and work up to 1200-2000m. Remember to warm-up. If you’re used to these then you could do 'em after your leg day and they’d actually aid recovery, but if you’re not used to them then they’ll make you pretty sore, so plan for that. Good luck.