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Steroid Diet


I finally received my new T-Mag in the mail and I am intrigued by the steroid diet using Mag-10 as a fat burner. I have had the pleasure of using this incredible supplement before but only in a bulking (growth surge) program and following JB's massive Eating Diet.

I have been trying to lean down and I just ordered 6 bottles of Mag-10 and I am looking for input on the following program.

Weight 230lbs x 1.5 = 345g Protein x4 = 1380c
230 x .25 = 58g Carbs x4 = 232c
230 x .125 = 29g Fat x9 = 261c
= 1,873c Target Caloric Intake

For protein I will consume chicken, beef, and fish and make up the rest using Isopure Zero Carb.

For Carbs I will consume 2 scoops of Surge after workout as well as low glycymic fruits and vegetables.

For fat I will take a tablespoon of Flax oil and 14 fish oil caps per day.

For my workout I will use JB's Winning Formula

AM HIIT Hill Sprints (4 Days per Week Ass Kicker)

Monday: Horizontal / Vertical Pulling (5x5)
Pull Up
Preacher Curl
Bent Row
Forearm Ext.

Tuesday: Quad Dominant (5x5)
Squat (narrow stance)
Lunge (with DB's)
Leg Ext.
Ski Squat
Hanging Leg Raises

Thursday: Horizontal/ Vertical Pushing (5x5)
Bench Press (Med Grip)
Military Press
Tricep Ext. (laying)
Forearm Flexion

Friday: Hip Dominant (5x5)
Power Snatch (one armed DB)
Step Up (barbell)
Calf Press
Saxon Side Bend

30 Min Cardio (Stationary Bike)@ 84% Max HR after lifting.

2 doses Mag-10, Myostat, Psyllium, a good Multi, 3 doses T-2 Pro and MD-6 and 15g Creatine Per Day

I will use this program for 5 weeks (2 weeks on Mag-10 2 weeks off using M and Methoxy-7 and one week completely off) and then repeat 3 times using the same format with different lifts and grips.

So What do you T-Dawgs and Vixens think?

As always your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated. Kraig Y