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Steroid diet w/ Mag 10 - where are you?

Anyone else out there doing this? I just came off a mass gain phase with Mag-10, and I haven’t been sure how effective it has been even though I gained 10-13 pounds. I gained way too much fat for my taste, so after a few weeks of slowly trimming cals down I hit the steroid diet HARD on monday. Calories are 1600-1700 per day (I’m 233 but want to be 200 so I’m basing caloric intake on that - I want to go as low carb as possible).

Mon - I golfed, which means walking carrying a 30 pound bag for 6 miles - felt GREAT afterwards which was surprising since I’d had less than 500 calories so far that day. THEN I went to the gym and busted out a pretty tough little chest/back day and finished with 3 complete sets of 10 hanging leg raises (the most I had been able to do previously was 3 sets of five). My abs are STILL sore today (wed). This stuff really seems to help keep the strength and energy up, especially since I ain’t using any MD6. I did take a full dose of Mag-10 in the AM and again before workout.

Tues - OMFG am I hungry! And tired and a little brain fogged, but I managed to get through it and around 9pm things seemed to clear up and I wasn't hungry like I usually am. Had less than 20g carbs today.

Today - might be all in my head, but my pants seem just a little looser already, and I’m awake and lively and pretty energentic. My back still has DOMS though. I wonder if the reduced cals has anything to do with that? The proof will in the pudding tonight since it’s leg day!

So far the front-loading seems to have made a big difference between last time I took it and this time. Anyway, this is my experience so far. Anyone else doing the steroid diet? How’s it going?

I’m not dieting now but when I do I notice a big soreness increase. Because you’re trying to keep cals low it can help to take a lot of BCAA’s before, during and after your workout.
I used Nitromene and glutacene with success but they are expensive.

I had bigtime DOMS when I first started a reduced calorie T-Dawg diet a few weeks ago…seemed like I couldn’t recover (was using Mag-10 like you are too). After about a week the DOMS subsided though, and I usually felt pretty good the day after lifting(even legs).

Your carbs are way lower than Cy suggested.

I just started the Steroid Diet/Mag-10 yesterday. The holidays and torn cartilege in my knee since New Years Eve sidetrack my workouts and my diet. I probably jumped up to %16 BF or so from %11 prior. I’m 180lb at about 5 ft 8. I just got my Mag-10 and had to decide between bulking or dieting first. Since I’m scheduled for knee surgery on March 6 I figured my workouts on a dieting phase wouldn’t be hurt as much as on a bulking phase since I’m dealing with some decent pain and can’t do squats or deadlifts.

I'm basically using GVT2000 and taking in about 1200 cals, 180 g protein, about 49 g carbs from Surge, and the rest trace fats plus about 25g fat from flax and Udos. Currently I'm hitting 4 caps a day MD6 and 2 caps T2 (original). M and tribex during the 2 off weeks.

Bill (from a reply on the steroid forum) and Cy (from the steroid dieting article) seem to have a little difference of opinion on protein intake. Bill says on gram per lb LBM and Cy said 1.5 per lb of bodyweight.

I'm sortof splitting the difference. Cy also recommended 50-150 g carbs but for my bodyweight, I'm going on the low end and that is all used up by the Surge.

Will keep you posted.


I have a very similar experience. I too did a cycle of MAG-10 just before the holidays as sort of a test run. I didn’t follow the diet guidelines as suggested for that cycle. I’m preparing for a bodybuilding comp in May, so I began significant calorie reduction right after Christmas. I basically follow Bodyopus with a few slight modifications. I weighed about the same as you at that point(230-235). I’m very methodical and experienced with the Bodyopus approach and I can shed fat very quickly with it and retain (and even gain) some muscle. Been cycling the ECA stack and also using the old T2. Decided to throw in MAG-10 this week to see what this stuff can do. Have cals at 1700-1900 doing 40-60 min cardio in A.M. and high volume training with short rest periods in PM. So far I’m very impressed and encouraged by my results. I can definately feel the MAG-10 and my muscles are very full and hard. My strength has increased dramatically this week despite the extremely low cals. I have a good reference point as I have been doing the same diet, training, and supplement regimine for the past three weeks prior to starting MAG-10. Been taking one dose per day in the A.M. with a frontload on the first day. I am so encouraged by the results so far, I’m reducing my cals today to 1500-1600(I weigh 219 at this point). Also noticing increased Libido. No side effects noted. This is day five. I take 30-50 grams of carbs per day during the week and then 300 grams for 2 days(FRI and SAT).

Tek - Cy says in the article that near-zero carbs on non workout days are optimal, and I questioned him about it further here on the forum and he reiterated that. So on workout days I’m having my surge but otherwise keeping it as close to zero as possible.

Okay, I was thinking of that 100-120 g of carb number he gave for over 200 pound guys.