Steroid Cycles


So I have decided to take the leap, again…I did a cycle of Deca/sustanon in senior year of highschool…not the best idea but had no sides back then and it was me being stupid. No i do not condone doing steroids under age.

Anyway, I am now 25 y/o and I weigh 185 lbs. I am approximately 5 10" and my arms are around 16 1/2 inches. My bench is around 265lbs, squat somewhere close to 300lbs I dont like to max on things that could cause injury…seems silly.

So, I’ve decided to do my first cycle…again. It will consist of the following;

Dianabol = 30 mg/ day - 4 weeks
Test E = 500 mg/ day - 10 weeks (I will be splitting this into 2 shots of 250 mg.)

*Have letro, arimidex, nolva, and clomid around just in case gyno shows up…probably wont do any anti’s through cycle

PCT = start around week 12 running mostly nolva

Will be waiting three months in between cycles!

My second cycle is the one that Im actually curious about!

I am thinking the following! It is the same cycle as before except using 600mg deca added!!

Deca = 300 mg X2 / week
Test = 250 mg X2 / week
Dianabol = 30 mg/ every day

Keeping same PCT and keeping same for backup during cycle

Thoughts from experianced users. I am interested in making some good gains quick while also keeping it somewhat moderate for the first 4 or 5 cycles. Thanks!

Last question:

I have ordered the first cycle and havent placed the second. But I was thinking that i might go ahead if I am using online sources do you think its a bad idea to have them shipped in close time relation. Or is it just if there going to snag em’ there going to snag em’ type a deal!? Laters

5 10 185 and you arent even really lean? Why do you think you need steroids at this point. Just eat better and train properly. You should easily be able to add 20lbs of quality bodyweight. Seriously, something is wrong with your diet and/or training (but most likely your diet) if you are only 185 at 25 years old with 1 cycle under your belt. How many calories do you eat per day. How many on off days and how many on training days. And what’s the macro breakdown

Well I will have to say the advice you gave is not what I asked. If you want to tell people how to live you may want to go to a Christianity board…I hear they are looking for people like yourself. On the other hand I’m not really that impressed from your pics. For someone who Is claiming to be an experianced user. That is the advice that I seemed an answer from an experienced user. Please read before answering, you may actually offend people. Thanks for givin it a shot though…epic fail!

That’s not a mature response. You are asking for advice, I agree with what Bonez said completely. It may be difficult for you to accept, but your attitude needs to change. If you want help I suggest you leave your ego behind and listen. You can go ahead and do your cycles if you want, but why come here in that case?

You asked a question and you received an honest answer from a knowledgeable veteran. You didn’t receive the answer that you want but the fact is that at 5’10" and 185 you need to eat more. I guess that makes two epic failures. Thanks

You know what is the neat part about all of this. Lats just say that this guy “Bones from Belgium” is an experienced user who I should take advice from about my diet. In his profile it clearly states that he is approximately 5 7" and weighs around 183 lbs. So if one is an experianced user with a pretty good knowledge base lets just say they probably should at least have put on 20lbs minimum since they have been using. That would put bones in here right around 163 lbs. I would say under 160 to be more realistic and for a guy that is 5 7" and weighed in the 150’s …following bones advice he probably shouldn’t have started taking his first cycle either. But go ahead and tell them bones those stats are old and you probably now weigh somewhere right around 205 right…? :wink: Anyway, I thought it would be a good Idea just to get some decent input but if all i am going to receive is some crap info about me needing to eat more when I already almost an inch away from a natural maximum arm size for my body comp. then I guess I should look elsewhere for good advice.

Keep digging a bigger hole for yourself. Attacking guys like Bonez is not the way to get help. If you look at his latest picture, where he is at 190lbs+ and jacked, you should see someone who knows what he’s talking about. His posts back that up, and two other people have agreed what he said, are you really this arrogant?

Heres a little advice. Id drop the deca to 400. Glad you have letro, arimidex, nolva, and clomid on hand.

Ordering the packages in a short time span will not increase the chance of them getting snagged, with the exception of getting flagged by customs. Chance of customs snagging stuff is slim to none.

Thanks Arem, I will look into dropping the deca down a bit.

[quote]Williams0331 wrote:
Anyway, I thought it would be a good Idea just to get some decent input but if all i am going to receive is some crap info about me needing to eat more when I already almost an inch away from a natural maximum arm size for my body comp. [/quote]


you almost had me going for a minute.

Quality troll job. Well done.