Steroid Cycles with IBD?

Hi everyone

I have ulcerative colitis which I’m working towards curing through diet and exercise

I’m on TRT and I was thinking primo might help treat my colitis either directly or indirectly, what do you guys think?

I was thinking I’m going to be ready to for some cycles soon

I was thinking to take primo, dbol and anavar, in small dose cycles

Also what about tren? I heard it helps your body utilise the protein from food, would taking 30-40mg per week help treat my colitis?

Tren will not help you with anything. It’s fairly harsh in terms of just the shear damage it does, so I’d say rethink that as an addition. I don’t know if primo would help with your condition, but it’s a hell of a drug as far as the muscle gains to side effects ratio.

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Your best bet isn’t steroids but a peptide called BPC-157. It’s known to heal damage to the intestine and help with IBD.

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TRT and any AAS are causing more harm than good. Steroids (TRT, AASetc) suppress the immune system and make ulcerative colitis worse as they allow your intestinal dysbiosis to proliferate, causing increased inflammation via bacterial toxins/LPS.

Get the book the “The Power of Poop”, written by a previous Ulcerative Colitis patient. Saved his intestines from surgical removal and now lives a normal life. The cure is Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMTs) from a healthy donor.

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BPC-157 is a good start. Injectable is best, despite what the literature has to say about oral being superior for intestinal damage.

Also, must stop exogenous hormone use and do FMTs.

Layman, work with a Naturopathic doctor and get the Genova Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis test done to see your microbiome (good/bad bacteria).

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Thank you so much for this, it sounds very promising

When i went for my endoscopy i saw the damage, it was a really small area on my left side intestine

I heard mk677 also showed to heal the intestine in people with Crohn’s

Maybe if i stack BPC-157 with mk677 and CJC1295 DAC?

Time for me to research these peptides and see how i can add them to my TRT protocol with the goal of healing the damage in my intestines

Hey Phoenix

I did research it like you advised, I would literally go for the FMT procedure tomorrow but for me it’s so expensive and I can’t afford it right now. I’ve found one place near me that charges £3960, that’s probably why there’s so many people doing the procedure themselves at home nowadays. But I don’t think I have what I takes to DIY the FMT procedure

So I’m trying to cure it through every other available avenue right now

Do you know anywhere that offers the FMT procedure at a price more affordable for me?

Could you provide any medical literature to back this up? Suggest a mechanism as to why this may be the case. I don’t believe AAS should be used to treat ulcerative colitis

Though one small case study does exist hinting a mechanism by which androgens may be of benefit to those with IBS… This is in no way an encouragement for OP to use, as he needs a doctor… Not advice from these forums, however the blanket statement of “nope they’re immunosuppressive” (which has only been demonstrated within rodent/in-vitro models… Anecdotally within humans the immunosuppressive effect appears to be relatively minor aside from… Tren… Halo)

I do believe there is a place for one to dictate perhaps these hormones, esp c17AA compounds may exert a deleteterious effect upon gut flora (intestinal dysbiosis, hence the heartburn many get on dbol etc), however literature aside from anecdote is extremely sparse here.

No, it is best to do it yourself at home. Practice doing enema’s with probiotics. The first time is the hardest, but it is really rather simple. It just is very weird at first, nothing too daunting in reality.

It’s recommended to do take antibiotics for 14 days prior to wipe out as much bad bacteria as possible to make room for the healthy donor’s stool.10 FMTs in a row: (10 days of fecal transplants) is the recommended protocol to alter your microbiome to that of the healthy donor’s. A family member usually works best. My viewpoint on antibiotic selection has changed as I no longer recommend Rx antibiotics as they damage the body (Hemolytic anemia) for example.
I recommend strong natural antimicrobials like: Silvercillin, Allimed, and Grapefruit seed extract, etc. These should only be taken if FMTs will be used afterwards. You likely may make the dysbiosis worse by killing off your few good bacteria remaining in the process of killing the bad strains.

All exogenous synthetic steroids have deleterious/suppressive effects on immune system. I also have personal experience with TRT inducing the immune suppression. It got progressively worse as dysbiosis was not addressed over the years. Fungal candida thrush began manifesting in addition to the TRT making everything worse. This is why the gut and adrenal function go hand-in-hand.

Well this study states the effect of AAS upon the immune system remains uncertain. Furthermore the study (actually a very good study) goes over results from studies relating to anabolics steroids vs immune function in animals and humans.

Within humans, anabolics steroids were either found to be induce immunostimulation or induce immunosuppression.

In vivo within human cell cultures AAS have been shown to have immunosuppressive properties. But for a myriad of differing reasons in vivo studies are rather flawed, doesn’t replicate conditions as to what would occur within real like at all.

I’m not going to argue AAS aren’t immunosuppressive, I believe it’s dose/compound dependent. I can link quite a moderate body of data indicating testosterone induces immunostimulation, not immunosuppression.

Or you take that 3900 Pounds and set fire to it for warmth. At least that way it would do some good. Seriously, Naturopath? Practicing with enemas? What is wrong with you? He can get actual medical procedures done to correct microbiome stuff and avoid the persistent crap you are offering, pun intended.


Comes across within a similar vein as to how another member on the TRT forum (you know who I’m talking about) would parrot ideology (doesn’t do this anymore) on the basis of personal anecdote/opinion whilst having very little in the way of scientific backing to reinforce his opinion.

To be fair (this pertains to me as well) you shouldn’t be recommending any medication if you aren’t a pharmacist, med student, pharmacy student or you work within the field of drug related development. Contrary to what many might say when trying to attack my character, I never recommend medication/drugs

This is quite rare… not a common occurrence at all. Whilst antibiotics may be overprescribed, they can be magic… LIFESAVING under the correct circumstances, it’s about a risk/reward ratio. It’d be like me saying “If you’re depressed due to neurological imbalance irrespective of hormonal status, I don’t recommend SSRI’s because they can give you serotonin syndrome, certain SSRI’s can induce QT interval prolongation etc”…

I’d like some literature here, rodent models don’t pertain much significance unless you can find me like 5-10 rat studies that come to the same conclusion.

Hi everyone

Thanks for all the help

Sorry I have be quiet I’m currently in research mode

Regarding the FMT procedure, as a last resort I would consider it. but for now I’m doing well treating it from every other angle. Hopefully I can cure it without a DIY poop transplant, I’m still looking for a clinic that offers the procedure at a more affordable price

Also after watching Dereks recent video on fixing leaking guts and autoimmune disorders I’m going to try supplementing with Hydrochloric Acid and Pepsin, I’m feeling hopeful that should help me, im going to start taking it today

I also bought 40 billion cfu bio cultures to try but I’m going to wait before taking it, i want to see how my body reacts to the Hydrochloric Acid and Pepsin without any other variables first

But most doctors are working under the limitation that ulcerative colitis cannot be cured. There’s people out there who claim to have cured ulcerative colitis

So what exactly are the doctors prescribing if they believe they can’t cure it? The condition in the people who go down that route seems to deteriorate from what I’ve seen.

Do some research into low dose naltrexone for IB/UC, and then make your own decision. From what I can find, there are no harmful side effects from LDN therapy, but a growing list of benefits. Naltrexone is prescribed at 50mg or 100mg per day for opioid addicts and alcoholics, basically shuts off the ‘reward center’ for those drugs, helping fight the addiction due to no ‘reward’ for use. (I am oversimplifying here, but that’s the gist of it)

Low dose naltrexone therapy (LDN) is considered off-label use, and is dosed from 1.5 to 6mg per day with most patients finding teh ‘sweet spot’ at 4.5mg/day. Researchers are still unsure of the mechanism, but LDN exhibits strong anti-inflammatory effects in the body and especially the gut. Not a cure (as far as I know), but might be a good path to use while researching and figuring out how to mitigate or possibly cure your condition.

For everyone else, LDN has been found to be effective for a multitude of conditions. Worth looking at.

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Thanks for this, I will look into it.

I really want to fix my colitis before I do any cycles

You initially said you wish to use AAS to cure colitis? Now you’re stating you wish to “cure” you’re colitis (as far as I’m aware there is no mainstream ‘cure’, just treatment that focuses on symptom management) prior to running a cycle

This is a contradictory statement within itself indicating you merely wished to run a cycle and wanted to come up with a reason to justify running said cycle

If you’re well aware of the risks and wish to run a cycle, the libertarian side of me says “sure”, you’re a grown ass adult who can make his own decisions… But don’t come up with reasons as to why a cycle might be medically justified if you just want to run a cycle for recreation (no problem with this as specified so long as awareness of potential risks involved is present)

Hey bro

I think I could use some AAS to improve my health in small dose cycles

And by improving my health it would help me fight the colitis. Obviously I thought I could improve my physique at the same time.

I think I could use primo to treat it my colitis symptoms. I think it could help me. And I was thinking maybe others could as well, like would deca help someone with arthritis? I’m curious

Unrelated to my health condition, recently I’ve developed an urge to complete my physique

And I don’t know the risks, I don’t know what dbol and anavar will do to me, I’m curious

Maybe because I’ve been getting good results I want to jump on cycle as soon as the gym opens but I’m still thinking about it and researching

Maybe I should start another thread asking what happens if people with autoimmune disorders and IBD do small dose steroid cycles, along with correct training and a good diet?