Steroid Cycles, Types, Dosages

Is it ok to stack Tren E/Test E/ D-bol. Ive been take Tren E/Test E for about 4 weeks now with a dosage of 500mg of Test E and 200mg a week. I havent noticed to much yet. I actually look smaller from my prior stack of D-bol/Sus 250.
So my questions are.

Do i need to up my current cycle dosages?

Can i stack D-bol with Tren E/ Test E, or is that just a waste do to Tren E and Test E get rid of water and D-bol somewhst works the opposite?

What is the strongest stack for bulking while creating vascularity?

Why is vascularity a desire? I would much rather have separation.

But I suppose the real question is what would vascularity be showing you? Is it, that you are gaining mostly muscle and not much fat?

Just lifting weights will visibly increase the size of the veins close to the surface of your skin. It comes whether you want it or not, providing you are not obese.

Me too. Serious question, wouldn’t they sort of coincide as both come with reduced BF?

I mean, define “ok”. Is it safe? Meh probably not. Is it effective? Yeah I’d imagine so