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Steroid Cycle National Powerlifting Meet


Age: 25
Height: 178cm
am Weight: 220lb (compete 220lb class)
BF: 16%
Training experience 10 years (ex sem-pro rugby)
Cycle experience: As below

Best Comp Lifts @ 200-210lb
Squat: 600lb
Bench: 405lb
Deadlift: 700lb

National and International Champion

Cycle experience:
Bodybuilding emphasis
Dbol only - 6 weeks
Anavar/winny only - 6 weeks
Test e 300mg/wk - 10 weeks
Test e 500mg/wk - 12 weeks
Test p 40mg eod, tren a 100-200mg eod - 12 weeks
Same as above plus anavar 100mg ed - 12 weeks
Test e 300mg, tren e 300mg mast e 300mg - 14 weeks

Powerlifting/strength emphasis
Anavar 100mg ed, halo 4 weeks out 40mg ed - 8 weeks
Test e 500mg/wk, anavar 100mg ed, halo 4 weeks out 40mg ed- 8 weeks
Test 1200mg/wk (ester mix), halo 4 weeks out 40mg ed - 12 weeks
Sust 250/wk, Tren E 800mg switched to 700mg Tren A 4 weeks out, Halo 40mg ed - 12 weeks bridged 4 weeks into 4 more weeks same cycle.

PCTs all gone fine, containing nolv, clomid and HCG. also used anti prolactins while on tren, anti Es like arimidex and aromasin while on cycle and also proviron. Most can't tell wether I'm on or off which i see as a good sign. I try and stay off as long as on in the year but sometimes its not that easy.

Now ill be cutting water for a 24hr weigh in. Last comp i managed to shift 12lb a piece of piss. If i really needed to i can shift 22lb (10% BW).

I will also run a pyramid T3 protocol 12.5/25/50/75/100/75/50/25/12.5/12.5 running clean maintenance level 3500Kcals with am/pm cardio (dog Walks) and 3xWeekly Sprint Sled session. I'm doing this to shift as much fat as possible. As a powerlifter i have always been told to just do more instead of eat less if i am hoping to get rid of fat. I don't see why i couldn't shift 12lb of useless fat weight while gaining muscle and still getting stronger. Chad Wesley Smith believes this is possible and on this cycle so do i.

I have taken into account ester weights when switching from Tren E to Tren A. Last time i did this i found 700mg Tren A a little more potent then 800mg Tren E. The reason i'm using Tren E to begin with is purely because i find Tren E sides a lot easier to manage. Insomnia/sweats/aggression hit me hard with Tren A but the strength gains for Tren A are like a rocket up the ass where Tren E they're a lot more steady. Sleep is a massive importance so swapping 6 weeks out should give me restful sleep for atleast the first 6 weeks.

12 Weeks Out
Sust 250mg EW
400mg Tren E EW
250mg Deca EW (for joint support and nothing more than to aid Tendonitis in my elbows)
30mg Dbol ED
Caber 0.5mg E3D
Aromasin 25mg EOD

10 Weeks Out
Sust 250mg EW
600mg Tren E EW
250mg Deca EW
30mg Dbol ED
Caber 0.5mg E3D
Aromasin 25mg EOD

8 Weeks Out
Sust 250mg EW
800mg Tren E EW
250mg Deca EW
Caber 0.5mg E3D
Aromasin 25mg EOD

6 Weeks Out
Sust 250mg EW
200mg Tren A EOD
250mg Deca EW
30mg Dbol ED
Caber 0.5mg E3D
Aromasin 25mg EOD

4 Weeks Out
Sust 250mg EW
220mg Tren A EOD
250mg Deca EW
40mg Halo ED
30mg Dbol ED (Depending on reaction at the beginning of cycle i may bring it back in for the added strength gains)
40mg Nolv ED
Caber 0.5mg E3D
Aromasin 25mg EOD

Just asking for any opinions, advice anyone has?



Personally think you are making it a little to complicated with all the adjustments but that's just my opinion. Personally for me I'd go more like...

Week 1-6
500 Test
300 Deca
400 Tren E

Week 6-9
750 Test
300 Deca
400 Tren

Week 9-Meet
750 Test
300 Deca
400 Tren E
50mg Tren A ED or 100mg EOD
Halo 20mg Daily

I also prefer EQ over Deca and this is just my take. You obviously have a pretty good idea what you are doing but, just for my 2 cents my best is 1520 @ 198 600/350/570 have pulled 600 in gym. so you obviously are passed me so take with a grain of salt.


why are you taking Nolva 4 weeks out?

also, i don't think the T3 protocol is a great idea the way you have it planned out... i'll re-hash it a bit here, but i don't think there's any point to taking 12.5 mcg of T3. you make more than that, so it would be like start a test cycle at 100mg/wk...

i'd start at 25 mcg, and ramp up pretty quick. what is your timeline there, btw?

anyway, i touch on that in this thread (and several other threads, i believe): http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/my_first_t3_and_clen_cycle


I'll look into swapping the Deca for EQ as it's always something I've wanted to try. Personally I find running my test low and my tren high works best for me, I've tried both the same doses and test a little higher and sides were a lot more potent. Halo I comfortably tolerate at 40mg and feel the aggression kick in strong, I drink about 8-10litres of water a day regularly and take Liv52 year round, never have any problems other then dark pisses when I wake up (dehydration from the night time).

Cheers for the comments though! Really appreciate others input. How would you compare deca and EQ? The only reason is run would be for joints and haven't heard anything about EQ being good for joints?


The nolvadex is purely there to bring oestrogen binding down (along with possibly letro to kill it) to get rid of as much water as possible for weigh in. Along with water and carb manipulation, obviously want to be as heavy as I can be in prep and on meet day but as light as possible for weigh in.

Okay cheers I'll give it a read, the T3 was just a tip a friend of mine who competes in BB gave me but he seems to always be overly cautious (and abit broscience some times) so he's probs heard it from a veteran. 25mcg start sounds like a better option
Cheers for the advice!


well, nolva doesn't lower your estrogen... it simply prevents it from binding to the receptor. but really, with your cycle there, i don't think you're gonna have too much estrogen that aromasin can't handle.


okay, just being over cautious as missing my weight class would be a disaster. I'm prone to oestrogen and water retention. Keep water 10-12litres a day to keep the water retention down and never not run a AI.

I'll stick to aromasin only unless i feel I'm holding a little too much water (aside from carb and water manip) ill either up the aromasin dose and/or throw in some letro.

I'll use your advice on the T3 protocol and go:
day 1: 25mcg
Day 2: 50mcg
Day 3: 75mcg
Day 4-14: 100mcg
Days 15-50:75mcg
days 51-53:50mcg
Days 54-57:25mcg

Muscle wastage is not something i need as my strength is everything, experimented with most but id have to say T3 is not a strong point of mine, never used it. Would you recommend staying at 50mcg instead of 75mcg or would you think it shouldn't be an issue? I could stay at 50mcg for say 8-10 weeks rather than 75mcg for 5-6


^man, i dunno. T3 is weird.... some guys lose a ton of muscle and others don't. i would generally say 100 mcg is too high, unless one is taking it at that dose specifically to increase beta-2 receptor density.

i've had times were i didn't lose anything strength, but times where i was dieting aggressively and i seemed to have no gas tank with T3.

if you think you're gonna gain a lot of weight on cycle, then i'd start with 25 mcg for 2-3 days, and if you feel okay, bump it up to 50mg for at least a week.

but, if you think you're gonna be able to stay close to your weight class without it, you might wanna forgo it until you have a chance to really experiment with it.

maybe give clenbuterol of ECA a shot to lose fat instead? at least they're not as finicky about burning muscle....


I am contemplating running DNP at a low dose (200mg ED) for 21 days the month prior to starting this cycle. While on 250mg-500mg test to preserve muscle mass.

i understand DNP can make you feel weak and lethargic but at doses of 400mg+ ED. Everything I've read about 200mg seem positive.. the sides are less, granted it takes longer to see results (200mg for 21 days you'll apparently see the same results in 4-6days at 600mg) but I'm patient and not looking to write myself off.

DNP does seem like a love/hate relationship with most.

Would run T3 at 50mg ED for 8 weeks with the DNP at the first 3 weeks as T3 levels seem to be depleted on DNP and 50mg will give me a boost but shouldn't be catabolic.. especially with the gear and solid carb intake supporting me.

Once my prep begins ill drop the DNP and move onto a more gentle ECA stack which with my experience with EPH, it keeps my energy levels nice and high.

Do you have any opinions on DNP?


yeah, i think DNP is pretty silly for most guys.....

one has to add in T3 while on DNP, and it's also hard for most guys to train very hard on it. also, i believe it's actually toxic, and might be a carcinogen.... i think a couple guys here use it, but i simply have no interest, personally. IMO, DNP and insulin should only be used by those who's livelihood depends on it...

as far as the effect on strength, i simply have no idea. i know ECA keeps my strength up, and there's plenty of data showing that clen/albuterol do as well.

how much weight do you expect to have to cut?


I'm 100kg (220lb) atm and roughly 16% BF so I'm looking to get down to 92-93kg so to lose 7kg (15lb) of fat is my aim. While keeping my strength high. The only reason I even had the thought of DNP is low dose still seems very effective but not too intrusive. I'm not looking to run 400-600mg because I just wouldn't like the effect on training. So I was thinking just getting the 3 weeks over and done with before my 12 week training and cycle prep for my next meet. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking to get shredded.. I'm a powerlifting not BB but for me it's all about strength to weight ratio. Going for 750-800lb next year and if I can do that at 198 rather than 220 I'll be happier and it'll be even more impressive

Clen I've tried and wasn't a big fan however I ran it high. 160-180mcg if I can remember over 2 weeks maybe lower dose and a few cycle might be a little more barable.

T3 and eca I'll run during the 12 week prep for any little help it'll give me. I'll be eating clean maintenance level kcals and personally I don't see why I can get stronger with my training and cycle as well as shift just a few more lb. On tren I've got signrlificately stronger even in low kcals so maintencace won't be a problem, with my job and training intensity its still 3500-4000kcals.

Do you believe clen is a better option then DNP?