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Steroid Cycle - Injury Recovery

Here is my situation I’ll try to use the format in the stick as I could really use some advice:

I am 190lb 27 y/o male have been lifting seriously for 10 years. Lifting stats (pre injruy) 440 lb bench, 620 dead, (no longer max squats due to past past injuries). The only prior use I have is Havoc a few years ago and stopped there as i figured the risks were not worth the reward (so not to much experience here). I read as much as I can but often see conflicting opinions and it’s hard for me to sort it out so I’m posting on multiple boards and trying to get a concensus. So the situation is this…

I blew a disc out 3 months ago, I had neck surgery and things are going well as far as recovery. My body still looks in pretty good shape, but problem is I am weak as hell compared to my prior stats and also would like to lose the little body fat I gained while not working out. I am wondering what you guys think of running a cycle in attempt to gain my strength back and maybe even help the healing process? (I’ve read some places that steroids can actually hurt the recovery time of a neck injury).

If I did do a cycle I would only want to do something that is very mild for a short time span. For PCT I am able to obtain Clomid and/or Nolvadex. I’d like to be as safe and caustious as possible without wasting my time/money on a cycle. So basically I am asking if A) is running a cycle this soon a bad idea? B) What would you consider a decent option for someone with my situation. I’d also like to hear from anyone who has had a serious injruy and used to help recovery and what there stratedgy/limitations were on theirself. Thanks in advance.

personally I wouldn’t do it. Too much chance of injuring yourself again with the extra strength from the roids before your old injury’s fully recovered.

I’d wait til you were back to 100% fitness before cycling, but that’s just me…