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Steroid Cycle Help

Hi all…

Been scoping around t-nation for a long time but never got around to making a profile, until now. Little background before I get into the cycle… I’m currently 25 years of age, been training for 10years and have had a total of 3cycles. First being, test prop and dbol. Second being, Test enth and tren ace. Third being, Test enth, Tren ace and dbol. All average dosages, nothing crazy and obviously had PCT for all three cycles, following a 6month break. I’m weighing in at 94kg whilst being 6foot and around 10% BF. This cycle I’m looking to put on serious mass for this winter. So any help on my cycle, nutrition or training will be much appreciated.

Week 1-10 Deca: 500mg a week, 2x a week
Week 1-12 Test enth: 750mg a week, 2x a week
Week 1-3 Dbol: 40mg a day
Aromasin on hand when needed

Week 14-18: Nolva 20mg ed
Week 14-17: Clomid 100/50/50mg ed

4500cal Total:
300g Protein
80g Fat
Remaining Carbs.

Foundation of my diet will be chicken breast, steak, mince, rice, pasta and veges. There will be other foods in there, just depends on what I feel like at the time (keeping it clean) e.g: turkey, bread etc… Maybe the odd occasion of ice cream… Ben and jerrys of course, right babe?

Monday: Legs (Quad focused)
Tuesday: Shoulders, Abs
Wednesday: Back
Thursday: Legs (Hamstring focused)
Friday: Chest, Shoulders (shoulders are weak compared to my arms)
Saturday: Arms
Sunday: Rest

Will be doing morning fasted cardio, only 20mins roughly of walking. Just to keep my cardio vascular going.

I tend to keep my reps between 6-12 and sets between 3-5 depending on amount of reps. And amount of exercises is usually around 4-6, depending on reps and sets.

I think I covered everything? If I forgot something, ask away and I’ll happily reply… All tips/advice and help is wanted and also appreciated

Hey man nice cycle, but i got a question: what are you going to do about possible prolactin increase?

Good point. I’ll get some caber and start it from day 1 at 0.25mg 2x a week to handle that.

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Deca has a very long half life, and I think your PCT is too short, especially for running 500mg/wk of deca. I’d go with 8 weeks of 20mg nolva ED. Drop the clomid. Stacking SERMs is somewhat counterproductive, contrary to broscience.

I also think your doses are a bit high. I realize it’s your 4th cycle, but taking 1,500+ mg of AAS per week might be past the point of diminishing returns IMO. I know others will disagree. I personally have had excellent results from my TRT dose of test (200mg) and 200mg/wk of deca, for a total of 400mg/wk of AAS. In the old days that would have been considered an advanced cycle. And at that dose I had zero side effects and didn’t even need caber. I’d consider at least dropping the test to 600 and deca to 250-300 if I were you.

Make your PCT longer, drop the clomid, get some caber, and consider decreasing deca dose. Overall a good cycle. Training and diet look solid.