Steroid cycle help for girls

I’m about to start training a girl who is 5’1 125 pounds and about 21% bodyfat. She wants to start taking some deca. She wants to lose about 6% bodyfat. My question is How much deca she should take each week. Exspecially considering the masculinizing effects that girls can experience. I don’t have much experience with dosages for girls, but I was thinking that 50mg per week would be enough. Anybody that has any suggestions please help.

UMMMM…how about none!!! But her an a good ECA stack or maybe even clen and clean up her diet…dont turn her into a man…she may regret the irreversible side effects in the long run. This is just my opinion…I know a girl friend who went on a cycle of deca and dianabol…it just wasn’t pretty…T-Jenn

There are cases in the medical literature of a single dose of 50 mg of Deca causing permanent adverse change to the voice, so you are quite correct, 50 mg of Deca per week can be enough for a woman.

My question is does this girl have much training experience under her belt already? If not than she definitly has no place using any anabolics. Get the training and diet dialed in and you can get her to 15% easily without any assistance. If she is experienced than I think there are better drugs for women than deca. You need to do much more research. Good luck. Keep her a woman

My friend had his wife on 30 mg. a week for quite a while. She had no adverse side effects, unless you consider 15 1/2 arms adverse. She got up to a muscular 170 lb., her deadlift was 305, she could barbell curl 110x10. She’s not on gear any more and she is definitely all woman.

Forget the deca dude…start her on 1000 mg of a Test ester / week. I would stack that with 75mg of Fina EOD and maybe throw in some Winny. to accentuate the fat loss I would use a good ECA stack; but the ECA works better if you can get your hands on some DNP…make sure you double the dose of the DNP to be truly effective.


First, let me chime in with bigswol & T-Vixen Jenn: KEEP HER AWAY FROM THE ANABOLICS! There is so much to be done with just training and diet (see Chris Shugart’s “Diet Manifesto”, and you’ll learn the meaning of: “It’s your diet, stupid!”) that there is no sense in risking irreversable side effects. Peace.

Why did your friend put his wife on steroids in the first place? Was she in a competition or something? Just curious…glad she didn’t experience any adverse side effects.

now which cateogory SHOULD this be under, STERIODS AND other drugs, or everything else, you be the judge.

Use your damn brain and not give steroids to a newbie for crying out loud…damn…

Dude - you are an idiot. Plain and simple. Women and steroids do not mix. Quit fucking with steroids until you have had the time to educate yourself about every aspect of their use. If you had to ask that question you shouldn’t be recommending steroids, advising about steroids, or training people on steroids. Especially, an apparent untrained female.

Laugh my ass off at that post, I hope he doesn;t take your advice literally - he does sound kind of - you know - simple.

if she wants to be a male have her do test, if she likes being a female tell her NOT to take male hormones

You’ve got to be fucking joking. She wants to go from 21% bodyfat to 15% and you’re going to give her deca? To get to 15%??? What kind of trainer are you? Stop asking stupid questions and go buy a book.

Mike>>Sorry these replies all sound harsh but we mean very well.Hope u understand.Thanks.

Bad idea…unless she is planning on a sex change soon.-


Hey,come on. Chyna from the WWF was juicin’ to the gills, and it never did HER any harm. Having a jaw like Jay Cutler, braces at the age of 25 and arms bigger than most men’s legs just screams SEX.

Doesn’t this belong on the Steroid forum?


I guess this fella won’t post here again!!! BTW, I consider 15 1/2 inch arms on a woman an adverse effect. Whatever happened to the Rachael McLeashes of the world?

Avoid roidz…you’re right on that statement.
15 1/2 inch arms on a woman?! That’s almost scary not to mention that she got up to a muscular 170 lbs. Hmmmm…she probably could out lift most men.