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Steroid Cycle for Military?

Curious about starting a cycle and currently active duty army. 20years old been lifting for 5 years. Weigh 180ish 5ft8 bench-320, squat-460, deadlift-500. Thinking about running a cycle for special forces due to the intense training they do as well as for prepping for it now. My current week is as follows
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 0500 wake up 2-6mile run, then 0630 group pt till 0730 (varies on day usually circuit training or a 2-4 mile run or sprints etc) 1700 30-50min Ruck March (35-50lb ruck) mileage varies on time i have usually atleast 3 miles
Tuesday- 1700- Chest and Back then core workout
Thursday - 1700 Shoulder, Arms, Calves
Friday- -1700 Legs
I’m looking to increase the intensity of my workout to prepare more so I wanted to run anabolics for my recovery and to grow more. Trying to reach 9min 2 min, 140 pushups in 2mins and 140 sit-ups in 2mins in my APFT. So for special forces training and considering all the exercise I do and the variety what would be a google cycle to start and should I possibly cruise year round on cycle? If so what

Wouldnt there be issues pinning while in training?

That is the least of my concerns. I have buddies who have been through. There are ways to do so

Honest question: what happens if you get caught? Because that should be a concern if the consequences are severe.

I am not sure you are quite understanding the magnitude for which you are speaking.

You are talking about cruising year round on a cycle. You are only 20 years old, are you ready to jab your leg, butt, or delt 2-3 times a week for the rest of your life? I am assuming Blasting and cruising means something different to you.

I honestly wouldnt worried too much about getting caught, UNTIL you piss someone off. If it is a higher up, they will come gunning for you, Piss testing you until they nail you. If it is a peer and they find out, you can count on them snitching. Penalties are going to be how bad you pissed someone off, to which will determine how far they want to take it. Worst case scenario, Brig + Dishonorable Discharge.

Why cant you wait until you passed what ever testing is required, until you have actually reached a unit? What if you are injured during training? I know I could play the what if game all day, but I dont believe you have weighed all your options.

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Alright, I myself got my first introduction to AAS deployed in Iraq. I know everyone does it. I also got tasked with compiling and updating everyone’s 2-1’s before the deployment so I knew EVERYONE’S dirt. I came to a simple conclusion, you have to get in trouble to get noticed and get past E4. It worked, I made E5 within a year or so of realizing all of that. So if you do decide to do your cycle and you do get caught, just hope it stays at the unit or battalion level (I forget which level means you get your date of rank back after a short term demotion) and it will probably work to your favor. FYI if you have access to a truck those lockable boxes like on the LMTVs make a good stash (find a lock where only you have the key and stash the key, maybe a buddy in another company can help and it needs to be a lock that looks like it belongs don’t get a master lock from the hardware store), don’t go stash in the ceiling tiles, everyone knows about the ceiling tiles. The truck tool box is open to anyone stashing in there so anyone could have put it there, no way to connect it with you and folks don’t pay attention to them. Please don’t do a whole cycle with one needle either. They are cheap and besides the health risks that needle is going to get dull as hell.

For my conscience, you are really too young to start cycling but if you want to then you will. When you time this you do not want to PCT during ANY kind of training or activity above regular duty. You should ALWAYS just do a test only cycle for your first. The extra endurance from any cycle only really helps while on cycle. It does last a bit after the cycle but not much and not for long. Plus you will be low test after your cycle. I personally think you should save the cycle until after you have made it through your training and have adjusted to the work load of your new regular duty. That way after the cycle you are going back to what your body was already use to. If you cycle to get to a level to make it through the training or cycle during the training it is going to be hell when you off cycle and your body tries to adjust to that level of work load that it has never done in a natural state. If you are dead set to do this to make your goals and you are going to do it before the new training you need to leave yourself enough time to recover after PCT. So you need at least two months after PCT before the SF training begins.

Just stick with test. Get an AI just in case you react to the extra estrogen. Make sure you have your PCT before you begin, Nolvadex should be good for a test only cycle. Again make sure you have everything before you start pinning. You don’t want to find out your AI or Nolvadex is actually not going to make it to you and you are already mid cycle. No one wants bitch tits.


Wow that is a great post now_I_care.

Appreciate the reply. Yeah I’m tracking I’m too young but I’m trying to go SF —> CAG which if your ex military you already know what that is (those mysterious dudes at Bragg). As for going back to normal after off cycle by that time the hard stuff will be over so I’m not too concerned about that. So yeah I’m tracking it’s bad for me etc but in all honesty like you said everyone does the stuff especially Rangers / SF. But yeah I’m tracking a new needle etc. they don’t search you so hard nowadays at these schools because they know well these guys are probably on some stuff. Also pretty sure I’ve hit a natural peak considering all the working out I do as Natural now. I can’t imagine how progressed it will be on cycle. Doesn’t seem like a lot on paper but it is

You might be tracking but you aren’t comprehending. All you did in this response was make excuses and justifications for using. Pretty much every time you said “Yeah, I am tracking” there was an excuse or justification for use that followed. Using gear during training/testing phases is not going to make a huge amount of difference. Especially if you are training on restricted diets.

What does going back to normal after cycle mean to you? Does that mean a PCT or cold turkey, or just cruising? Have you researched a proper PCT?

So I said I’m tracking to the following I’m acknowledging my age yes, and again acknowledging it’s bad for me and that I’m also acknowledging that I know to use a different needle so I don’t know about you but no excuses were made. An Ofcourse I know what PCT is and I do plan on PCT, I was going to plan it so I’m going into it at about 4 weeks into cycle as was recommended by buddies who said it made a tremendous difference that went through.

Just curious, what happens if you’re deployed mid-cycle?
BTW thank you for your service and hopefully continued service minus PEDS…

Deployed mid-cycle wouldnt be a problem. AS long as he was prepared. Had everything on hand from needles to PCT to extra vials, alcohol swabs, and Ai’s on hand just incase.

Not trying to be harsh but did you ever consider that if you need gear to get thru the pipeline, then maybe you’re not cut out for SF? A buddy of mine went thru Pararescue pipeline without anything…but he was a natural freak.

If the kids numbers are true then he has no problems making it thru schools/training. Its not like its a competition of how much he can lift there. Once he has proven he can handle the physical side the rest is a mental mind fuck. Gear could work against him in the mental department. Especially if his E2 gets out of control high. Plus he says he is still natural, so I dont think that I would want my first cycle to be during one of the most important times of your young military career.

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Maybe not relevant for Americans, I finished normal duty in the IDF when i was still young(LITERALLY YOUR AGE!) and not using AAS but now in reserves(go once or twice a year for2/3 weeks till age of 45) my one worry was just general hygiene. When were out in “operational” you dont get to shower everyday really and the bathrooms arent always 100% clean, let alone bunks and all. Even if your pinning twice a week you want to be sure your all clean and have way more alcohol pads then needed.
Secrecy wasnt really a concern since were all just regular guys now being called back to the army so my unit knows and got a couple guys to train with me also last time.

That’s a big “AS” no pun intended! Can’t imagine trying to start/manage a 1st cycle making a run at SF or deployed. Get caught flatfooted w/o access to supplies/blood work, no thanks, a forced cold turkey due to circumstances would F you up. Add that to the all inclusive mind melt of SF training, absolutely no thanks… IF you’re going to run that cycle, (have two 20 something kids…listen, do what they want anyway) as I imagine you will, DON"T do it as a prep for SF etc… do so during “normal” duty time, to better manage how you respond to the cycle and to learn to manage/dial in your response. THAT will arm you with the knowledge/experience to try and parallel a cycle with your run at SF. AND don’t do it just because everyone else it…that’s weak… be strong, be smart and defend our country!

I see what you mean I just wanna be over prepared I guess lol. I may be over doing this a bit. Just feel I’m not in shape enough and not training hard enough was trying to ramp it up

Most of the advice seems to say hey probably not a good idea or wait till after. I’m young many of you are older and wiser I’ll take the advice and wait


You may want to freshen up on UCMJ article 112.

This is a bad idea.