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Steroid Cycle for a Year. Good Idea?

hello guys i just saw a chart of testesrone effects of muscle gain here is it
i know long term cycle like 6month shuts down hpta some people say you can take a short break with ai like armidex for two weeks what do you think i saw arnold`s cycle it was 6 month what do you think thanks just wanna see experiences and ideas …

Long cycle … short cycle… the both shut down HPTA. Arimadex is not at PCT drug. What are you trying to ask?

I don’t think even he knows what hes asking but it seems as though hes asking “what do you think… what do you think”. That’s all i can deduce from the English used.


I think he’s looking for ‘yes it’s ok to run 6-month or longer cycles’. I would say no, prolly not a good idea. And don’t use AI for two weeks as a ‘break’

Yes, the golden aged guys never really came off… but they don’t come off now either…

Supposedly in the golden era they’d use for 12-16 weeks +, come off for 3-6 weeks (or bridge with low dose orals because they thought it wouldn’t keep them shut down) then hop back on

not ideal, unless you’re talking about running like 300mg weekly for a long period of time… still not great, but not as bad as running outright cycles for prolonged periods of time… it’s almost as if people forget this shit induces cardiac enlargement/fibrosis/exerts profoundly pro-arrythmiac effects in a dose/duration dependent manner

To OP, if you’re aware of the risks, fine… but if you’re one of those “nah, it doesn’t cause that” guys, put the syringe down and start looking through literature

6 months is way too long, A 1 year cycle forget about ever having kids and if you do they will come out with issues (autism is related to higher testosterone), and a myriad of health issues.

Its related to higher testosterone exposure in the womb… not the level of testosterone present in the father when the sperm exits his testis

Secondly, I was conceived IVF, my mother was given high dosages of GnRH agonists prior to my contraception

However this doesn’t exactly relate to the level of hormonal stimulation I received in the womb, but during the process of artificial insemination/soon afterwards, hormonal exposure would’ve been abysmal

I have autism :frowning:

However the concept of autism being associated with higher testosterone would be pertaining to exposure in the womb affecting brain development, not the fathers testosterone level

That being said, many won’t be able to conceive on cycle unless they’re using HCG and/or injectable FSH

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there is a topic here

Are you high?

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:joy::joy::joy: my thoughts exactly

Running cycles years on end has the potential to induce numerous abnormalities at a higher rate compared to had you just decided to abide by the simplistic B/C (blast and cruise) philosophy.

  • elevated cardiac risk, systemic cellular damage, neurotoxicity etc
  • AR downregulation (if it exists), gains do taper off eventually, at which point you’re exponentially compounding long term risk fro the benefit of marginally increased increments in muscular mass. You’re above chart backs this, as gains significantly taper off on TRT after the first year

all around it’s not a very smart idea, TRT is very different from running 500mg+ year round

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