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Steroid Cycle for a More Angular Face


I’m not sure where to post this, so I’ll just post it here.

I’d be grateful if someone here could give me some tips. I’m asking this question on this forum as I know there will be some people here who actually know their stuff.

I’m not a strength athlete or a bodybuilder but I would really like to have a more angular, masculine face and would be willing to do a steroid cycle to get that. Is there a simple, easy way for me to do that without me risking any longterm consequences?

What does your face look like first and how would you like it to look in the future? Without knowing where you’re starting and where you want to go no ine cane make any recommendations on what substances to use.

On streoid you get more like a moon face due to water retention :joy::joy:

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I really hope your kidding. Using steroids to achieve a more angular face is probably one of the dumbest things iv ever heard.

Lose weight you will get a more angular face
Get plastic surgery

Do NOT think or try using gear to get this

Thanks for your replies. I don’t want to post a picture of myself here, but I would just like my face/jaw to take on more pronouned masculine features and from what I’ve heard, steroids can give you that. I heard from at least a few women that they got what they call a “man jaw” after using steroids for a while and they can’t even get rid of it after years of not taking them anymore.

What if I just want a bigger jaw though?

He already recommended plastic surgery. The only way to reliably get what you are looking for. SOME people, SOMETIMES have facial structure changes after LONG periods of HEAVY steroid use. This is a long term side effect. Not something you can try for. And by the time you MAYBE get the side effect you want, you will more likely have hundreds of other side effects, that you didn’t want, to deal with.

This is a stupid plan. Please don’t do it. It will literally be cheaper to get the surgery.

But then where does all this talk about the roid jaw come from if it’s only people who’ve abused them for decades who get it? I’ve heard of people seeing huge changes in just a month and I even saw it in those people myself.

I hear mostly negative experiences about the plastic surgeries like jaw implants or chin implants.

Must be troll. No grown man can be this dumb

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There are some virialization effect from the use of anabolics, but resorting to AAS simply to change your facial geometry is akin to burning your house down to control an ant problem.

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I understand @T3hPwnisher is the authority on this subject.


Since everyone else clowned you (and rightfully so) I’ll throw this out there with the disclaimer that you should absolutely not do it. Anavar made my face slightly sharper. But I already had a nicely defined jawline and a very masculine face. The only time in my life when I didn’t have a sharp jaw was when I was very fat. So the real answer to your question is genetics. For those who are already predisposed to having such facial features AAS can enhance them. If you don’t have that going for you already then no amount of gear will give it to you. You should learn to accept the things you cannot change and then work hard to change the things that are in your control.

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I saw a documentary once that mentioned that years of war gave young baby faced recruits square jaws and more rugged features.

Not saying it’s true or recommending it…

Don’t listen to all the haters, this is the cycle you need:

  • HGH 10IUs per day
  • Insulin 10IUs 2X per day pre-largest meals
  • Testosterone Cypionate 1500mgs per week
  • Trenbolone Enanthate 1000mgs per week
  • Anavar 100mg per day
  • Primobolan 1250mgs per week

Thanks. A list like that was exactly what I was looking for.


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Chill out, Dr. Kevorkian.

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So the rule is that if you want to square your jaw you first round it to the nearest multiple of 10, called that X + r, and then calculate X - r (i.e. round the same amount in the opposite direction). You calculate (X + r) x (X - r) and add back the square of the amount you rounded by, r2, which will be 1, 4, 9, 16 or 25.

This works because ( X + r ) x ( X - r ) + r2 = X2 - rX + rX - r2 + r2 = X2.

Maths is always the answer… Just don’t miscalculate or you are in deep trouble


how old are you right now ??