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Steroid Cycle for a 20yr Old

Seriously contemplating a 3 month cycle. I literally know nothing about them but understand what the side effects could be and its bad to do it at a young age. my question is if I bought the cycle where would I inject it and at what times.

And also I heard something that u need to be a certain body fat percentage to take them safely. I’m roughly 220 at 15-17% BF. So that’s a big concern of mine if I shouldn’t be taking them cause I’m not lean enough.

A bigger concern of yours should be that you “literally know nothing about them” but claim to be “seriously contemplating a 3 month cycle.”

Please go read this thread, especially flipcollar’s comments:


Yea that’s why I’m on this site seeking info before I actually take them.

Yea I did read the post already. Hes new to weight lifting and everything. Doesn’t know how to diet and doesn’t know how to train and is trying to start off taking steroids that’s ridiculous. I’ve been doing this since I was 15 and I feel like I’m at a point now that I’m ready to give it a try that’s why I’m trying to get all the info I can before I make decision

Did you really think you weren’t gonna get roasted by posting this lol?

  1. If you buy a “cycle” and yo don’t know what ester it is (which then determines injection frequency) or where to inject your an idiot.

  2. If you are 15-17% BF then this isnt drastic but could do with tidying up that diet and training to get leaner before you start using steroids to get leaner…

  3. Do loads of research ON TNATION (not on other forums or people in person because it can be very hard to filter out the BS and no telling if they have a clue.)

  4. Post a well planned first cycle with your current diet and training goals and expect either a round of applause or some constructive criticism.

  5. If you post a first cycle plan which does not include HCG on cycle, an AI on cycle and a SERM PCT plan then you will get roasted once again.

See idk what any of that means. HCG, AI, SERM PCT

Hang on let me rephrase my question. How would I start planning a beginner cycle.

Use the search function. You are intending to fuck around with your hormones. Do display a bit of effort on your part to learn about them.

LOL you are either a troll with too much spare time or an absolute moron…

See point 3. on my previous reply.

Im 21 and gonna cycle soon, i understand that you’re young and enthusiastic, but hear me out.

You admit that you know nothing at all about steroids. THIS IS A MAJOR CONCERN.

I haven’t even cycled yet, but i did my bloodwork and have some hormonal issues.

Do research for at least 6 months to a year, read every post on this forum, read up about hcg, pct, managing gyno, deca dick, fertility etc, and DO NOT CYCLE until you know enough about steroids to plan your first 3 cycles without help from a coach or forum, but whenever you do plan to start, always post it on this site for critique, you may get some information from a new piece of research that you didn’t know about.

Also, i would like to see body pics, i find your stats a little too good to be true

Thank you for actually giving me useful advice and not just assuming I’m a troll because I don’t know about steroids. I am learning as much as I can and doing a fully planned cycle before I even attempt them. It’s not like I’m planning on starting this next week I’m in no rush.

I would start off with 400-600mg of test, twice a week injections. I would also research into an AI for estrogen control and a SERM for PCT.

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try working hard eating alot and just being patient… at 21 muscle happens pretty easily.imho

why would he get roasted for no HCG on cycle, fuck testicular volume lol. I understand FSH stimulation I guess but is that your only reason for recommending it on cycle?

Have you read my other points?

HCG use was just one reason to question his planning…

HCG stimulates LH not FSH… It helps keep natural T in production so come off cycle time it is easier to get back to normal levels.