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Steroid Cycle Deca/ Winnie


Hey Guys I have a few questions, if you can answer them I would be very grateful and you can also demonstrate how well you know deca and winnie.

My friend has taken 1cc Deca every Monday for 3 weeks however he is waiting to get more and only has Winnie left. Can he just quit the deca and continue with winie for the last 5 weeks??

also if he stops the deca and continues with winnie does he need to start PCT or just wait till after the winnie. As far as PCT goes what should he use, when, and how often.



Well your friend is a COMPLETE dipshit


this is what your friend needs to do:

-extend whichever arm has his dominant hand, so right handed=right arm
-clench the fist of the corresponding hand
-punch himself in the face until he falls unconscious

your friend (by the way, we know it's you) has done everything wrong. Literally every single thing.

you are terrible.


Lol its not me its my buddy who wants to get big fast. I told him to wait but he was said fuck it. So what should I tell him to do seriously?


Lol it my buddy. he wanted to get big fast and I told him to wait be he said fuck it. What should I tell him to do seriously ??


Tell him to throw all his gear away as he is obviously too immature and ignorant to use it. And by throw away I mean give it all to me. Then he needs to work on eating and lifting because I am sure those two aspects are complete shit too.


ok so he should just stop cold turkey and forget PCT?


So just tell him to stop taking everything cold turkey. and forget about PCT also?


don't forget he needs to punch himself in the face


Lol get big fast, 1 ml of deca a week for 3 weeks then winny he must be huge by now


No bro not at all. just seems bigger cause out the water retention. But just telling him to stop all together is okay??


id like to know where you bought a 3ml bottle of deca..

but to answer your question, you should stop everything, and run nolva 40/40/20/20 and/or clomid 100/100/50/50 and never touch aas again


From the stand up drug dealer near the liquor store.


I'm going to buy a bottle of grapeseed oil, remove the label and right "Trenbolona" on the side in magic marker

I'll sell it to guys for like £200.

I mean if there really are guys like this in the world, why not?


Make it a hundred, and you will be full of business. One in every 3 bottles should legit though, so at least some of your customers get bigger, so you can blaim the buyer for the lack of results. I know someone who does this.


He is brave.


fucking hell, I was just kidding!

You'd have to be pretty confident in your ability to kick some ass if you were up to that sort of thing


It would be more fun to politely set him up with an undercover cop. Then kick his ass after he got out of jail.


but then go to jail for what? I mean if all he's selling is just oil, it's not right, but it's not illegal...


Actually it is, if he is marketing it as steroids.