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Steroid Cycle at 18 Years Old


Hey everyone im 18 years old and have been hitting the gym for 2 years now and know core essentials on how to lift and eat right. Im keen on doing a cycle with:

Test e 250x2 1-10 weeks

AI on hand incase of gyno (Arimidex)

Week 12-14: 40mg nolva ed
Week 14-16: 20mg Nolva ed

Also including a natural test booster during pct (Beast super test)

Any adive would be much appriciated im trying to do this as safely as possible.



look, you're too fucking young to be fucking around with this shit, but I know that me telling you that won't stop you.

So I will say this: High oestrogen is about way more than just gyno. It can fuck you up in a hundred million ways so if you are going to do a cycle then USE YOUR AI right from the beginning. I know your bro told you it'll harsh your gains, bra, but it won't.

Seriously, spend 5 seconds researching it and you'll see I'm right. High E will fuck you up, so use your AI.


second what Yogi said. Run the AI from day 1. It's utterly idiotic to just keep it on hand. Arimidex is dirt cheap. Just use it. If you wait until you see sides, it's already too late. And managing E correctly is the best thing you can do for your gains. AND it will be important when you get to PCT.

This may or may not be a problem, but I'm always wary about Test boosters. So many of them have been shown to have steroid traces in them. That's a BAD thing if you're using it for PCT. Supplement companies are not always ethical about what they put in their products, and regulations aren't very strict. It's not worth the risk IMO.

Your pct should just be 20mg nolva the whole time. More is not better.


Thanks for the input guys!
At a young age do you think hcg will do me any good during cycle?
I dont want to use any more compounds then necessary.


Yeah I would use hCG. You're HPTA is at risk enough as it is at the age you are.

I wish you would reconsider using for a few years but I know you won't.

Just don't be one of those idiot kids who blasts and cruises after his first cycle.


I think this is a bad way to think about things. Don't skip out on ancillaries simply because it's 'more stuff'. By introducing outside testosterone to your system, you'll be affecting your entire system. You have to be ready to deal with that appropriately. It's always crazy to me that people are perfectly willing to inject a steroid into their system in super-human amounts, yet they're hesitant to take the ancillary drugs that are necessary to maintain that system, and their health.


So much this.

And what Yogi said - but if your going to do it make sure you get the ancillaries right.


Armidex 5mg ED 1-10 weeks
HCG 2x250 3-12? weeks or 1-10?

Thanks for the help guys im trying to put this cycle off for as long as I can but I want to have it planned out beforehand.


arimidex .5mg eod, not every day.

I'd run the hcg from week2. Stop it like 4 days before you start your SERMs.

I know we sound like broken records with the age thing, but honestly if you can build a kick ass base before using steroids then they'll make you look incredible when you do finally take the plunge.

Gyms are full of guys who started steroids too soon who'll never look much better than ok.


Does my dose look right for the hcg?
Yeah im seriously starting to reconsider, but regardless im a guy that likes to have things organised thats why I keep pushing with the questions.
Thanks for the great answers!