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Steroid Build Returns


The "steroid build" thread made me lol, but when confronted with similar BS in real life, it's not so funny:


"Steroid physiques are not allowed to train in Stan's gym"

Good thing the gym looks shit.




funny as fuck how all the benchers load the bar up with quarters........what , no 45's ?

didnt see any squatters or deadlifters . wonder why ?


So... Do you have to give urine & blood samples if you make progress? I mean wtf?

And lol at the guy all ultra excited at being drug free. If I don't look like that naturally in a reasonable amount of time I will shoot myself or quit this and hang out at general fitness boards.


That shitty gym is clearly in someone home or something.

3.50 a workout ???

It closes at fucking 8:30 ?? And at like 1:45 on weekends ???

That gym blows ass.


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How can it both be "about building muscle" and "no steroid physiques"? If you get good at the former won't you be accused of the latter? So they only want people who aren't good at anything physical?


Damn, you beat me to it.


Dave_, where in the hell did you find that aberration? The design of the website itself is wrong on so many levels. Over 5 Megs for the home page? Really?


I thought it was only fat that became "loose" ?


LOl, there's other gems on that website! I recommend having a look at some of the links. Stan is apparently a born again Christian and runs an 'internet ministry' from his gym.


401? That's very precise.


Theres so many gyms in the uk that are actually like that to our country is so wank.


We need to send Dorian Yates over to that gym and have a little talk with the manager.



This page is a real treat to read. Numbers 1,2,5,6,7 are by far the most amusing.


Yea ,This guy and planet fitness should form a partnership..oh boy.


I found this quote:

Why would you brag about taking 10 years to bench three hundy or 15 years to bench 350 like it's some kind of big accomplishment? Like 350 is even some kind of awe-inspiring bench.

The whole website is like one big shrine to mediocrity.


I think mediocrity is giving them too much credit.


hahaha... I might bookmark that site for when I'm bored.


'At one time Perfecto Health Club held a Powerlifting Competition. I stood there in astonishment, as I watched the winner bench press for one rep 230 1bs.'

Stan's obviously visited some crappy gyms in his time.