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Steroid Breakdown?


Doing research and looking to start my first cycle. Looking for an explanation of all the commonly used steroids. The terms being thrown around amongst the posts of cycle building dont make much sense without a proper explanation of all the steroids and their differences. If someone could point me out an already existing breakdown of the steroids and follow up medications or respond with one of their own it would be helpful. Thanks.


Basically your first cycle should look like this;

5 week cycle;

500 Mg of Test E
500 Mg of Sustanon
500 Mg of Deca

Inject once weekly into your kneecaps.

Not. Read the stickies.


There is so much information on this its not even funny.
Go and actually do research, use the search function on here and also some good sites through google will tell you steroid chemical names and half-lives etc.


Read through the first three stickies at the top of the forum (they are called stickies because they always stay right where they are, du to being incredibly popular and useful). You will likely find most everything you need right there. The "Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning" and "Steroid Newbie Thread" are pretty self-explanatory. The "Serm and AI" thread contains info about ancilliary drugs that you will want to use both during and after a steroid cycle to ensure best results and recovery.


google 'steroid profile'