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Steroid Books

Hey guys,

What’s the best book out there on steroids, is it Anabolics2005 or another that I don’t know about?



All of the steroid books I’ve read have been very good.

I like “Building the perfect beast” by Author Rhea, which is a very good book. He gets a little out there, but it’s still a very good read.

Is the one you are reading by Bill Roberts or William Llwewyn? These two guys know their shit also, so you can’t go wrong either way.

It’s by Llewelyn and I haven’t read it yet. Which do think the best out of the three would be?

LOL! Rocco I like all three of them! You just can’t go wrong with either. The one that you have is more than enough info. Have fun with it Rocco, I know that you will keep on reading the book over and over…

Damn right kid!

And some day I’ll learn to spell the author’s name correctly.

Right Cali?