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Steroid Blends - Your Thoughts?


Looking into doing my 4th cycle.
1st cycle dbol 40+ test 500
2nd cycle test 500 + winny 20
3re cycle test 250 + tren 200 + t3 75

My fourth cycle I am looking at doing test 250 + tren 200 + mast 200 + winny 50

I been looking and it is cheaper to get blends and less to inject. At 200 tren i was getting night sweats and mildish dreams. What are your thoughts on blends. I was looking at TNT, or TTM.
Are they usually under dosed? Is it worth the extra to get the mix or get them individual. Anyone have experience?


Obviously getting good quality individual compounds and loading accordingly is a better way to know your shots are not under dosed, to a degree.

I however have had good experience with Medtec blends here in the UK.

A blend I highly rate is 50 test p, 75 tren a and 75 mast p per ml.

Anything with outrageous claims and huge mg per ml would probably be underdosed.

If fast acting esters are based around 100mg per ml then there is no reason why they should be avoided.