Steroid Beginner Questions

Alright guys, I’m wondering about doing a cycle of steroids and am pretty new to it all. I’ve been lifting for a few years now and have been natural until a couple months ago when I did an oral pro hormone cycle. I was looking at cut long 300. I guess I want to know what you guys recommend. I’m 5’10 210lbs and about 18% bf. I’d like to cut but obviously grownor at least maintain my muscle mass. Any help as to what you found success with is appreciated

How old are you? Do you have kids?

You’re going to get these questions and more before you get good responses

No kids, 28 years old.

I’m just asking because steroids can mess up a lot of issues if not done right and I wanted to make sure you weren’t some 18 year old kid.

The best first cycle is just plain old testosterone. 500 mg/week with 2 injections a week will be all you need. You need to have something for estrogen control on hand. Some guys like arimidex, some like nolvadex. You need to do your research.

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Assuming your training, age and diet is in check, I would suggest deca 400mg a week and dbol 30mg is every day for no more than 8 weeks. Make sure you have nolva, Clomid and or hcg on hand for pct. It’s a low dose cycle that WILL MAKE YOU GROW!

Before doing anything, know your body inside and out. Meaning, know your hormone levels before supplementing anything.

Join a body building forum and educate yourself. Steroids including orals are not created equally.

Wish you the best!

It’s a cycle without test… I’m not an expert but I know that men need testosterone for their normal functions.
Deca without test will give him bad case of deca dick.
And isn’t HCG supposed to be used during the cycle?

In any case, feel free to do this cycle if you don’t plan to use your dick for a year.

He is already on forum. This is forum…

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Alright first thing, we are not supposed to source talk on this thing. I realize you spoke on the brand but I have seen those type of posts erased before.
Second you gave a name of a blend. You yourself said you were new to this. You should get in the habit of using hormone names with what ester is attached, it just speeds along the process of advice and you really need to know about the hormones and esters. There is a whole list of reasons you need to know the esters.
Now you stated a blend containing testosterone, drostonolone (masteron) and trenbolone all with the enanthate ester attached. DO NOT DO TRENBOLONE FOR YOUR FIRST CYCLE. You really shouldn’t even think about it until multiple cycles down the road. Tren is steroids on steroids. It is it’s own kind of monster. Learn how to manage basic cycles of less demanding compounds first.

It’s your first cycle from what I gathered. Just do a testosterone cycle. Go get testosterone enanthate or cypionate. Do around 400-500 mgs per week for at least 10 weeks but up to 15, around 12 would be ideal. You could get away with just one shot a week but really to keep levels stable you should do two equal shots split up during the week. Weather you gain or cut on a cycle is dictated by diet and gym routine. Trust me a simple testosterone cycle will give you way more results than you realize and you will be so happy with the results that you will end up planning your next cycle during PCT.

Even if you don’t plan on using it go ahead and get an AI (aromatase inhibitor) before you start. The main ones are arimidex, aromasin and femara. Femara is heavy duty so just know it’s out there to learn about as you weigh options between arimidex and aromasin. Those are name brands so go learn the pharmacutical names as you research. Chances are your choice will be influenced by what your source carries and how much you can spend.

You will need a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) for PCT. The main two are Clomid and Nolvadex. Clomid does seem to make some guys act like pregnant women so be aware if you end up having to use it. Both of the SERMs are good for a simple testosterone only cycle.

If you are dead set on having a stack for your first cycle then look into oral winstrol. It is a great cutter and because it is affordable it is not often faked. Plus with it being an oral you can quickly discontinue it if you start loosing hair or something. I still think you should stick to testosterone only for your first cycle.

I am going to say this again, stick to just testosterone for your first cycle. Your body already is use to it so all you will be doing is giving it 5 times what it naturally produces (rough estimate). This way you can see what your body does and how you react. If you go with a stack and some sort of an issue pops up then you don’t know which compound is causing it or at the least it makes it harder to address the issue.


Shouldn’t he take HCG 250iu-500iu x2/week near the end of the cycle to speed recovery?