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steroid alternatives

Hi all,
Has anyone here ever used or purchased any type of steroid alternatives? Being in the military i’m kinda leery to experiment with anything that may pop me as “hot” on a piss test, my partner on the other hand is a reservist and he mentioned something about Maxteron and Test 250.I did a search on Steriod Alternatives and got a site for the anabolic store so I checked it out and got some info on it and some dude named Summers . Has anyone tried any of their products and if so what were the results if any ? thanks for any info. “Knowledge Gives Birth To Strength”

Your talking about Jeff Summers and his product line “Impact Nutrition”. Do not buy any of there crap. It’s a bunch of junk. His name isn’t even eff Summers, it’s Bart somethingorother. Check out the scammer thread on bodybuilding.com concerning impact nutrition. As for alernatives, you could try MAG10, but you may fail the piss test. Try Some Tribex 500 and Methoxy 7.
You could also add in some M to get rid of ecess estrogen.

Listen to tommyboy. Biotest good, SDI bad. Most on here are biased towards Biotest because their products WORK and are the BEST. Long live BIOTEST!

I didn’t know the military tested for those kinds of things. Which branch are you in?

You are NOT going to pop positive on a piss test for Pro-hormones. In fact the only way you will pop pos. for actual steroids is if they actually test for them (they usually don’t, too expensive). If they did test you for steroids (highly unlikely) they can break down the contents. If it worries you that much just keep the bottle and show it to the administrator and have them log it before you piss.

I can not speak for all the services, but the AF does not test for anabolics on the random tests. However on the CD tests they will check for anything. But if you are using a natural OTC supp then take the bottle with you to show the Med Tech proir to testing.